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Africa is experiencing a rebirth in the mode of dressing, as the traditional mode of dressing was term not up to date, and the wearing of modern or western clothing is used to be considered as the prevailing fashion or style. With the introduction of the "Auto gele" we have seen a shift from the western mode of dressing to our traditional way but with added value to make it vogue. In Nigeria it is a traditional wear for the women with the resemblance of a hat but with much style and designs to stand on top in the international market. The gele has become a famous wear in recent years as one of the finest fashion wear to look more African with pride and style.


The auto gele designers have skills, Autogele comes in already made or it can be customized to your liking. Either option comes pre-made and all you have to do is fasten it at the back. Auto gele became a part of traditional Nigerian wear that is really loved by so many women. It can be worn basically to any event. Auto gele is worn to put traditional Nigerian fashion to light while having the tradition and culture of  West African countries.


With more designers hitting the African continent on a daily basis renown among them is Regina Aso Oke, who has change the bridal wear in recent times with her intricate beading without having to steer away from set traditions. Another great auto gele designer and creator is Thereasa from lolumi. You can check out her one of her creations on Afrizar here. She uses a special technique which give speak layers and look very natural 

The most common fabrics, used for gele, are: sego, aso-oke, ankara, bazin, damasc, jubilee, brocade, and African print.

Auto gele is adored by even young people as its changing the meaning of Nigerian fashion to the international market as they are seen by many as the future of the tradition of Africa particularly Nigeria. The auto gele is getting more popular as women wear it almost everywhere.


With many accessories to choose from, auto gele is one of the African accessories that Africans have fallen in love with it, as it is match with a color of dress. In recent times it has been seen worn by notorious women of fashion at the international fashion stage and has been accepted and rated as the new fashion wear. With many designs and styles the autogele is still different as to the style used one is the rose auto gele which requires a lot of skills and patience. It was created by a Nigerian named funmilola olurinola taking the sample of a rose flower because of the way it is tied. Funmilola made the rose design as wearing the same style on every occasion will be boring and those geles  has already been seen at international fashion shows and prominient weddings to bring the true Nigerian traditional mode of dressing back to light. Rose gele is also known as avant-garde gele or ascot gele.


Wearing the auto gele will make you look like a queen, you will definitely be the talk of any African event with this African Headwrap. The Autogele comes in different styles from the classic gele with sparkling pearls like stones and with its rosy designs style. Other styles also include the basic auto gele with no stones and the latest Autogele style is the fan shaped gele. Women used to spend hours trying to learn or trying to tie their geles. But now with the birth of the Autogele, all you need to do is put it on your head and snap the back and you have a perfect looking auto gele. You can get it made, at our store right now.


The auto gele will make your event or celebrations even more memorable  because its convenient as you can easily pick it from our afrizar store. We understand lot of people have limited time so the auto gele is the key. You can place your order now you no longer have to spend an hour Just to wear the gele once. But afrizar have cut that stress to give you the already made auto gele at our store. You can reuse the Autogele as many times as you wished. 

The auto gele is perfect for your shopping  as it has been made with great skill and it is already available in a perfect state, compared to the ones made without professional which may be untidy and rough around the edges.

Rose auto gele is easy even with your own hands to put on your head without difficulties as can be found at afrizar store at a very affordable price with your choice of color already tailored for you to choose from. You no longer need to spend too much time trying to create the gele or hiring someone to tie auto gele as you can now put on the autogele within a minute. Adding the gele to your african clothing will definatley make you stand out at any event and you will be for sure be a center of attension when wearing the autogele during events, gatherings and african wedding.


A completely made auto gele is perfect fit for weddings, family outings and similar events, which means you have to choose the right auto gele. Autogele is the perfect addition to your outfit even for your trendy african outfits..

After wearing the auto gele from your events you can simply untie the rope and use it later if you are still in love with the style. You can always get addiionalgeles with differnt colors or differn styles to change your look and get a new look, which is very easy as with just a few click you are ready for your new gele. Discover the rich selection of fabrics and ready-made gele of various types at our store.





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