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For most people Abaya has so many stereotypes associated with it for example boring, low esteem, un-fashionable, unattractive and Islamic but all the above are just myths. Most of the Abaya these days are modern and more contemporary and has style . The Abaya used to be worn as a traditional Arabian women clothing. Most people tend to associate the Abaya gown as a Muslim clothing but It’s not only for Muslims as not all Arabic’s are Muslims. The Abaya is more of a traditional Arabia clothing but over the years it’s been modernized for all women that want to look beautiful, elegant and modest.

During the last decade Abaya came in black but today innovation and the rise in technology has given designers a new path to create designs that are pleasing to choose from and are very comfortable to wear Recently the Abaya has been mostly associated with the Muslims, yes that’s right but with innovations and new techniques available with modesty, women of all religions today are wearing the Abaya for one reason or another.

Traditionally Abaya were all black, stitched on both sides and loose compared to the recent Abaya style. It is made from a piece of material or fabric that is large enough to cover your whole body from top to bottom. Recently Abaya cover from the shoulders to the toes and accompanied with a headscarf. Abaya has many colors as we have seen nowadays with decorated crystals or lace or either closed or opened in front.

If wearing Abaya dress is your daily routine or you just wear it from time to time, looking for the authentic Abaya in the market is hard to find and putting considerations on the size of the hem or materials added to the Abaya we at Afrizar have made it easy alongside guidance with just a few clicks. Take a moment and browse our collection in our store right now and see our different types of Abaya that are rocking social media right now with colors and style.

Having make a good look at the latest trends of modern Abaya in the market, Afrizar have put up a list of things that you should know before wearing the Abaya.

  1. Arm’s length

The length of the hem and sleeve of an Abaya dress has to be put into consideration. The longer or shorter sleeves can change the entire outfit therefore the sleeves should end right at the wrist except if you want to cover more.

  1. Black

Wearing black Abaya overtime will begin to lose its original color, if you realize it then its high time you change it with a new one so it can last long with its color if you don’t want the color to fade quickly.

  1. Right size

One of the most unflattering thing that make your Abaya un-fashionable is if it’s not the correct size. . Always make sure to get the right size, it’s actually better that it’s a bit loose as you can always take it in but that will cost you more money so always confirm that you are selecting the right size of Abaya.

  1. Sweeping

Buying an Abaya that is too short or sweeping the ground will not look very smart on you. When looking for an Abaya look for a medium size one or try matching it heels or flats and make sure it’s just below the ankle.

       5.  Fabric

Having a good chosen Abaya will make you look beautiful but its best if the Abaya is perfect fit on your shoulders and also not too loose.

  1. Seasons

Seasons come and go, In the summer try an Abaya made from silk or cotton and likewise during the winter choose a wool or similar to keep you warm.

  1. Class not Craft

The addition of ornamentals can be so good looking and add value to your outfit but better with the ability of the measurement to be reproduce consistently and be precise. And if they are placed in the wrong area makes your Abaya un-fashionable.

  1. Occasion

Wearing the right Abaya on the right occasion will give you an edge with your Abaya outfit. Choose the one suitable for every event.

  1. Slick not Thick

Having a large layer can spoil your entire outfit. Look for an Abaya that has light materials as in winter but you don’t have to be pillow-like in your outfit so take note of this.






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