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The traditions of beauty are sometimes kept secret and are passed from generations to generations. One of this secrets is the African black soap which is transforming the African health and beauty to the next level. As this is one of the untold secrets of the African black soap you need to know as you read below. African women using African black soap are known for having a glowing and flawless skin. Regardless the climate these women are always stunning with their beautiful and healthy skin. These is as a result of the natural eco-friendly ingredients used in this product. 

The African black soap has the solution to all your skin problems while spending less. This soap is carefully hand made in Africa with all the ingredients locally sourced in Africa. Traditionally African black soap originated from West Africa notably Ghana and Nigeria. Processing quality African black soap can take up to two weeks before you can get the finished soap. The African black soap is rich in antioxidants and vitamin E and A thereby perfect for the skin and protects it from all skin problems like acne, eczema, dry skin and many more just to name a few.

One of the most important is to buy the authentic African black soap notable among them is Dudu Osun, with many black soaps in the market containing artificial ingredients will definitely not give you the best result, Afrizar have the authentic African black soap to give you the result. The African black soap has a lot of health benefits and is well known in Ghana and Nigeria for centuries and is passed from one generations to another. Today there are many kind of African black soap but the authentic soap is get when the right ingredients are used. This consist of cocoa pods, coconut oil, palm tree leaf derivatives, including palm kernel oil or palm oil, plantain bark and Shea butter. Sometimes other essential oils are added like lavender oil during the process.


1. Natural skin cleanser

The amount of Shea butter combined with moisturizers combined during the process of making African black soap can clean your body and face by removing dirt from the skin just as a normal soap could remove dirt and oils from your skin but the African black soap removed it naturally. It also serve as a natural antimicrobial and gives your skin a new tone due the amount of palm kernel oil and coconut oil added during the process of making African black soap.

2. Treat Eczema

Looking for the best treatment to eczema African black soap is the solution because of the natural ingredients and chemical free that will not irritate your skin. Coconut oil and palm oil can hydrate your skin deeply thereby removing pain and swelling that is cause by eczema.

3. Reduce Wrinkles

Cocoa pods and plantain peels are rich source of antioxidants. The combinations of these two in the process of making Africa black soap will definitely combat free radical damage that can contribute to the physical signs of aging by removing wrinkles.

4. Helps in Skin Tone

The dark areas of a skin are cause by sun damage, acne, inflammation and other skin disorders that increase the amount of melanin. An example of an enzyme which regulate melanin is tyrosianse therefore if it is not working properly will definitely allow melanin to increase without being checked, as a result will start to develop some dark spots or circles around your skin. Cocoa pods can makes your skin lighter and can absorb UV light which can protect your skin from the direct sun rays.

5. Scalp Treatment

Due to the amount of shampoo and other products that we use on a daily basis can cause dandruff and dry on the scalp. African black soap is the best to use to treat this scalp problems and for oily hair mix a small amount of soap with water and apply on the scalp and wait for about 15 minutes and wash with water.  African black soap can also be used for washing your normal hair when mixed with coconut oil or Shea butter and wash immediately with water

6. Best For all skin types

African black soap is perfect for all skin types like dry and oily skin. With the addition of coconut oil added, African black soap remove dryness by deeply hydrating the skins. It’s perfect for oily skins as this add moisture and balance to your skin.

7. Prevent Razor Bumps

After shaving your skin needs proper exfoliation to prevent the dead skin cells from creating pores and therefore cause razor bumps. African black soap can help you prevent razor bumps and infections that result from shaving your skin.

8. Antifungal and antibacterial

Searching for the best antifungal agent African black soap is the best as it is effective against fungus and yeast that cause athlete’s foot and other skin infections. The natural antibacterial properties found in African black soap is better than a chemical added soaps thereby removing bacteria from your skin.

9. Remove Scars and Blemishes

African black soap contains ingredients that are perfect to reduce acne scars, skin wounds and stretch marks. Repairing skin tissue and increasing collagen production all this can be done by the Shea butter found in African black soap. Also red palm oil and palm kernel oil which contain vitamin E will play a vital role in maintaining and build skin cells for your skin.

10. Fight Acne

African black soap fight acne because of the cleaning power is has in it. Coconut oil is a great fighter for acne thereby helps to balance the skin and irritated skin as well. Also palm oil is rich in beta carotene, linoleic acid and oleic acid it will prevent and heal acne. Some of these fats also contain anti-inflammatory properties which serve as protection thereby making your skin moist with the inclusion of vitamin A. African black soap is very effective in balancing the proliferation which causes the bacteria that produce acne


African black soap is prepared with natural ingredients to help your skin looks and feel better in a natural way.








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