Ultimate Ways To Wear Your African Print Dresses

African Print Dresses
  •   Jul 31, 2018
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Women in Africa love to wear bright cotton dresses with prints. The print dresses are the traditional dress of Africa and so it is very popular. The dresses are colored with natural dyes and the best techniques are used to make the print dresses.

Tie and dye, and block printing techniques are used to print the garments with motifs of fish, birds, flowers and other prints. There is a huge variety of African print dresses available in the market. It is useful to know about the best designs and the ways to wear it. Following are the ultimate ways to wear your African print dresses. 

African Print Pencil Dress

African print pencil dress is a great choice for special occasions and parties. The dress is sleeveless. It is a stretch knit dress that emphasizes your curves. The length is up to the knee level.

There is an oval cut out at the chest in the front side. The dress has an invisible zipper at the back. The polyester dress looks very beautiful. Keep the hair long and open in the back. Wear long earrings and matching sandals with it.

African Print Maxi Skirt

Maxi skirt is a very popular African print dress that women like. Wear an African print skirt with a design of flowers, peacock or any other design printed on it. Pair it with a fitted top.

Choose a plain black top with a keyhole neckline or a denim shirt top. Tuck the top in the maxi skirt to give a fitted look. It will make your body more curvaceous. Wear ballet pumps of the feet. Keep the hair open. Wear a bracelet in your hands.  

Ankara Flared Dress

Ankara flared dress is a very good African wax print dress that you can wear for any occasion. It is especially suitable for wearing on a wedding. The length of this dress is up to the knees. It is made of a mixture of cotton and linen material.

Wear the demure dress that will give you a 50s look. Flaunt the pleats at the waist. Tie the belt of the dress in the front at the waist and tie a beautiful knot with a bow shape. Keep your hair long with the side locks in the front. Wear high sandals or bellies with it.

V-Neck Shift Dress

V-neck shift dress is one of the best African print dresses for young girls with a slim body. It gives a chic look. The mini dress has a length up to the knees. It has ruffle sleeves that enhance the beauty of the dress and looks trendy.

There is ruffle in the hem and back too. Choose a dress in pastel colors and aqua print. There is a zipper in the center back. Wear gold sandals with high heels. Keep the hair short with a side parting. Tie a black belt at the waist.  

African Print Faux Wrap Maxi Dress

African print faux wrap maxi dress looks very beautiful. The dress is loose and comfortable to wear. Its sleeves are long. The wrist in the hands has gathered elastic. There are hidden pockets in the sides. The neckline of this cotton dress is a faux wrap.

The lower skirt part has pleats in the front. The dress comes with an attached sash. Tie the sash in the front at the waist. Wear high-heeled sandals with this maxi dress. Go for a no accessory look by avoiding any accessory.

High Waist Skirt

A high waist skirt in African print fabric is one of the best dresses for women. The dress has waist situated very high so it gives an elegant look. Since the waist is high, it will emphasize the body. Wear a vest top with it. A white top will look good.

Tuck the vest in the skirt for a casual look. Pair the dress with nude shoes. It will elongate the legs. Wear big round earrings and a long chain or necklace with the dress. Carry a handbag that has a short handle.

African Print Infinity Dress

Wear African print infinity dress made of cotton fabric. The dress has two side pockets. There is a zipper in the backside. It is a lined dress made of African print wax fabric. There are pleats or gathers in the lower front part and crossover fabric panels in the upper front. Keep the hair up to shoulder level and open. Wear a big choker or necklace in the neck and a bead bracelet in hands. Pair with matching shoes and handbag.

African Print Off Shoulder Dress

African print off shoulder dress is for the women who like to look stylish and trendy. It exposes the shoulders to some extent and gives a chic look. The sleeves are ruffled. It is a knee length dress with two pockets. There is an elastic opening in the upper front top. Pair the dress with a head cover or cap. Wear matching sandals with it.

Halter Neck Maxi Dress

A red or blue colored halter neck maxi dress in African print fabric would look great on you. The dress will give you an elegant and royal look. It is a long dress up the ankle level. The upper front has a halter neck.

There are hidden side pockets and sash in the dress. The cotton dress has an invisible zipper in the back. Keep the hair curly, long, and open. Wear long hanging earrings with the maxi dress.

African Print Belted Side Bow Dress

African print belted side bow dress in a pink color and beautiful print will be nice for a party. Tie the belt of the skirt in a side bow. Make a big bow with the belt on one side of the skirt. Wear a black vest top with it. Use metallic colored sandals with this skirt. Increase the beauty of this dress by choosing accessories like a blue necklace and earrings. Wear a silver bracelet in hands.

Midi Dress In Dashiki African Print

A midi dress in Dashiki African print will be good for spring and summer seasons. It has a textured print and a jewel neckline. The African print dress has a sheath cut. The backside has a hidden invisible zipper. There are short sleeves in this dress. Keep the hair curly and open when you wear this dress. Wear matching sandals and a bracelet in the hands. 

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