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Traveling to Africa is a joy but having the taste of their snacks or appetizers is overwhelming especially trying out the local street foods with a spice. This foods are worth trying out as each food is unique. African snacks and appetizers are not only unique but appealing and spicy which is surrounded with a rich and diverse culture of people living in this beautiful continent called Africa. Most of these foods are made and prepared on the streets of Africa or roadsides which makes it accessible to the people hawking or traveling. Trying these foods give you the opportunity to experience the true cultures and way of living of these people. As these foods are not always expensive and can you can try them out while spending less.

These appetizers can give your entire meal a new tone and taste when you try them out, as some these types of snacks can be seen by people selling them in public places like traffic lights, bus station, street corners and roadsides. People buy these foods for a true taste of the African continent during day or night. Today i will look at the top African snacks and appetizers you have to know.

Plantain chips

The name speaks for itself as plantain is a good supplement to the body and snack. Its spicy, sweet and salty nature makes it best you can’t missed eating. They are baked with some oil to give you the best taste.

Roasted Red pepper and Garlic hummus crostini

This spicy food give you the reason to be in Africa because of its mild nature. With ingredients like chickpeas which is popular in Africa alongside the red pepper and garlic to definitely spice it up. It’s pleasing during public gatherings because of its delicious and yummy.


This east African samosa was adopted from the Indian culture which is also referred to as samusa in their own language. It is widely found in many restaurants and street vendors around Uganda, Tanzania and Kenya. Samosa is tasty and yummy and most be among the foods to try out in East Africa.

Dabo kolo

Dabo kolo is one of the finest with sweet and spices made of baked bread and is almost found in all parts of Ethiopia from shops or street vendors. Looking for what to eat during excursions or long rides Dabo kolo will give you spice of your life while in Ethiopia.

Chin Chin

Looking for the best Christmas experience chin chin is one to try out with its pastry nature. If you try them once you can’t stop eating more. It is also found in almost all West African countries and is yummy.

African fish pie

African fish pie is the perfect appetizer and pleasing to the mouth with delicious fried fish rolled to form a shape. I like them so much and I believe you will like them it also remind me of my school days , it’s definitely the one you should not missed to eat. 


Namibia is a country known for their love for meat it’s not a surprise that Kapana is adorable and people love it. Namibia people who barbeque always love Kapana with spices added it will give you the spice of your life.

Shrimp fritters with dipping sauce

These spicy Moroccan dinning sauce is a traditional African snack found in many African countries. It’s often made with pumpkin or sometimes with sweet potatoes with the combination of shrimps with a dipping sauce adding spices to it.


This dried meat have made South Africans to travel long distances or spend days without it been spoiled while traveling. The well-known beef or chicken can be found even on the remote places of South Africa. It’s widely acceptable as the most popular in South Africa.

African Piri Piri kabobs

Looking hungry and don’t know what to eat while rushing to find something to eat try these kebobs. It’s a traditional well known spicy food particularly in Africa. Its grilled nature makes its sweet and spicy to eat more.

Fan milk

Ghana has a weather that is hot in most cases but get fan milk is the solution to the heat. This sweet treats can be found all around Ghana especially around busy public places like bus stations, traffic lights, markets, and street junctions.

Chipsi mayai

Chipsi mayai is Tanzanian most get snack as this hot and spicy chip omelet is pleasing to eat around Tanzanian markets and street stalls. It is sometimes referred as chipsi’s and eggsi’s with this name it is juts yummy to eat.


Chapattis is an awesome snack to buy as they are eaten fresh and can be accompanied with tea if you like with locals to feel the real eastern part of Africa. This can be found in almost all over east Africa. 

Africa have so much to offer in terms of food and would like to hear from you what is your best snack or appetizer?






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