Top 8 Unique Tips To Wear African Ankara Dress For A Wedding

African Ankara Dress
  •   Jun 26, 2018
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Initially, African Ankara dresses used to be the normal fashion style which was only seen in Arica. But nowadays, it has caught a massive attention of stylists and fashion designers all over the world. Be it the Lakme Fashion Week or the Paris Fashion Week, you will definitely see the Ankara inspired dresses.

The aforementioned fashion weeks are globally renowned affairs and by this, you can very well imagine how loved the African Ankara Dresses have become in the Global arena. From Hollywood celebrities to the top names in the fashion industry, everyone is seeing donning the Ankara dresses at some event or the other.

In this post, we will be giving you some tips that will make your wedding dress more attractive. These tips are only for enhancing your Ankara wedding dress. The basic style will remain the same.

1) The Viscose Gown

If you want a big and flattering dress for your wedding, then the viscose dress material for your Ankara gown will work best. While viscose will give you the flowy feel to your gown, the Ankara print dress with multiple frills below your torso would be able to add extra flair to your wedding dress. The viscose material comes in many shades of white.

You can get a cream, an off-white, a bright white and many more for your base color. You can choose your gown according to the ‘white’ color that goes with your personality. The Ankara print on the fabric will undoubtedly provide you the look that you exactly want The variety of white (for cloth base) is one of the top reasons that people choose viscose gown of Ankara print for the wedding attire.

2) The Golden Print

Many women use the base as red and get the golden Ankara print on demand by the fabric makers. This is one of the brightest and also the best color combination that is used for bride’s dress and bridesmaid dress in the realm of African Ankara Dresses. Different gowns are styled using this color print. These are used in flashy celebrations. Today, the golden Ankara print is seen in many red carpets shows in Africa and also in the other parts of the world.

3) The Knee Length Frocks

The knee-length frocks look amazingly beautiful if you choose a proper print and fabric in the arena of Ankara dress. These are mostly worn by bridesmaid at the weddings. The long frills look spectacular with the knee length forks.

The sleeves can either be full or of quarter length in these attires. The main attraction of these African Ankara Dresses are the frills in the costume. Frills appear wonderful with Ankara print. When four to five bridesmaids wear the same print with a frilled dress, they really look like fairies. This dress is also adopted as the latest trend in Ankara styled dresses.

4) The Broad Patterns

Broad patterns look very appealing. Even if you are a guest, then also you can incorporate broad patterned African Ankara Dress for a wedding gown. The trick that will save you from going overboard is to use subtle colors. The broad patterns can be worn in a long gown dress of Ankara print as well as with a short dress. You can wear shades of pink, purple, light blue etc if you are one of the guests at the wedding.

5) The Lining Print

Latest African Ankara Dress has incorporated the Ankara print with lining. The cloth materials have lines in between which the different Ankara prints are printed. These fabric prints are little different from the usual Ankara prints but the dresses made by them looks divine.

If you want something fresh, try the skirt-blouse wedding dress, the all favorite gown or A-line midi for a wedding dress. All the outfits in this print give a classy appearance. They are like a fresh change from the old signature styles of Ankara prints.

6) The Long Fish-Cut

Any shade, any Ankara print, any neck pattern looks divine with the long fish-cut attire for a bride in the wedding. If there is a long trail of dress that is left behind the bride’s dress, that adds an extra charm to the wearable. Since Ankara prints have so many varieties, the fish-cut gown can have a different feel with the same style.

The colors and the prints make a difference. No matter how many brides wear the same African Ankara Dress, if there is a great difference between the print of Ankara family, each dress will be capable of exuding its own charm.

7) Stones Worked African Ankara Dress

Embellished with the bright stones, Ankara Dresses with such decorations looks way more attractive. If you want to make heads turn then add the shiny stones to your Ankara printed wedding dress. Little tricks are needed to do this. Suppose if you have a black flower that is printed on your dress, embellish it carefully with the shiny black stones.

Even the simple and plain prints start to appear like a dress made from heaven for the bride when the dress is adorned with stones. The demerit is that the dress becomes really heavy after stonework. Therefore, the stonework should be done according to the weight that a bride can actually carry wit the attire.

8) The Shimmery Ankara Fabric

Summers have never gone out of fashion. These are an all-time favorite of the African Ankara Dresses. A little shimmer makes the dress more appealing keeping the subtle feeling of the outfit intact.

If you do not want to loud and still want t keep your wedding dress attractive, go for the Ankara prints which have little shine/shimmers on them. They do sparkle but in a limited manner. In this way, you can shine without going ‘over the top’ in your wedding attire.

No matter what dress and design you choose for your Ankara dress, the main thing is that you should be confident enough to carry your dress with style. Without the confidence and correct carrying style, you would not be able to do the justice with your African Alankara Dress. Make sure you flaunt your dress with full enthusiasm and the right attitude.

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