Top 10 Tips To Know When You Buy African Accessories

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  •   Mar 22, 2018
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Points to Think about when You Buy African Accessories

After you purchased that pretty African print dress you will definitely stand out in any room. After you made that awesome purchase you will realize that something is missing. You realized that your dress is not complete unless if you have African accessories. But one thing that you must keep in your mind before buying African accessories is that if you buy the wrong accessories then it will mess up your entire outfit.

We all know that African dashiki shirt is gorgeous but if you don’t buy the perfect accessories it may end up being a flop. But you don’t have to worry or get confused around pairing the wrong accessories with your fabulous African Dresses because listed below we have some great tips that you can follow before buying African accessories.

1.    Prevent big clunky pieces – We all know that the African prints are bold as it appears. Therefore, there is no need that to wear chunky accessories. When you wear dresses that have bold prints, try to opt for a smaller accessory that will enhance your look but not overpower your fashion style.

2.    Avoid mixing prints – You will be shocked to know that the worst thing that we do by mistake while wearing the African dresses is to have accessories which doesn’t match with your colors. It simply indicates that no stripes or polka dots. All that you need to do is be consistent with your look.

3.    Try to avoid multiple colors – It is obvious that an accessory adds extra beauty to your attire but at the same time, you should also avoid using accessories with many variant colors. As per the experts, you should try to use one color from the print of the dress that you wear and then buy accessories with that same color.

Moreover, the Rauno poncho is also one of the great accessories for a woman who always fuses the bold color with other geometric shapes. If you wear Rauno with the Africa print then it will give the feeling of warm, elegant and beautiful.

4.    This is not the time to shine – By this we mean that you should try to avoid as much as you can, wearing jewelry that sparkles much. This does not mean that you cannot wear jewelry, rather replace the sparkling one with the monochromatic one.

Think something out of the crowd like the black beads. Moreover, if you want the sparkling one then prefer to wear something which is small like that of the stud earrings.

5.    Wearing gold won’t hurt much – If you are very much interested to enhance your appearance with the jewelry then try to go with the one that is made up of gold. But one thing is to try to keep it simple. For an instance instead of wearing a large chunky piece try to wear a gold chain.

6.    Say a big no to the large bags – Wearing an African print dress basically means that you cannot carry a large bag; keep them for other dresses and go for a smaller clutches.

7.    Wear the right shoes – There might be a great confusion in your mind that whether you need to wear the African inspired shoe or not. Let me clear your confusion. Wearing an African dashiki shirt does not mean that you will have to wear African inspired shoes only. You can also wear shoes with neutral color and style.

8.    Do you need to wear the hat? – It would be better if you can find the headdress which is inspired by the simple African’s as it will be some of the extraordinary addition to your attire. Be cautious while wearing a hat because that may also take end up being overboard.

If you want then you can also wear the Rasta colored Kufi cap which is also a good addition to your accessories. These caps are present in a number of colors and this is the special feature which makes it unique.

9.    What about the hairstyle? – It is obvious that the African print is recognized to e vibrant so try to go for a simple hairstyle like wearing your hair down. What else that you can do is tie your hair with the African inspired hair accessory? But remember one thing that you should not try anything which is too much bold.

There are various African accessories that will help you a long way. For example, if you are a woman then try to have an African handbag. As per the experts, it is better to have the sisal bag. There are many more accessories that you can try the cowry belt. The cowry shells are really very beautiful which comes in creamy white color.

If you wear this with your black slacks or jeans then it will make your outfit even more fascinating. One thing that you cannot afford to forget is that whatever is your budget or style, there is only one way to enrich your own style and that is by adding an African accessory. If you have gone through all the above points then it is obvious that you will have great knowledge of accessories when you go to buy African accessories.

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