Top 10 Reasons To Wear African Print Dresses This Summer

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  •   May 15, 2018
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I am Mrs.Habana the latest fashion designer from Africa giving you top 10 reasons to wear African print dresses this summer. I remember the special moment when I commenced my online African clothing store. I was sitting on the sofa in his pajamas, talking on the phone with my fast friend. I was also watching a report of Ghanaian African fashion store on TV. I saw gorgeous clothing and my heart got enchanted with it. I had never gone to Ghana in Africa yet I got ready to go there to have that dress.

African summer clothing makes a great difference

During the first eight years of my African fashion trend business, I and my team used to run only two websites on the internet. One of our websites was very much time-consuming. It promoted those fabrics that were very difficult to produce.

Most of them were hand dyed and hand loomed.  However, there was one another website that laid focus on fun and affordable parts connected to the latest trends in clothing, fashion, and African print dresses.

Honesty is the best policy

We will tell all of you the truth. We have done a very tough and difficult journey. During this journey, we had a couple of unpleasant experiences. Right from the beginning, the cloth suppliers could send stocks to the media of mainstream. Finally, I hired many talented designers who got me plenty of accolades and chances that I deserved in the clothing and fashion industry.

I faced many hard experiences during my ride in the world of clothing and fashion. I honestly praised every fashion designer who had a caliber equal to mine. As concerning my business was concerned I hired cotton farmers, fabric makers, and makers of coconut buttons as well as tailors who could make dresses of fit sizes. African fashion has a great potential, it is an industry that thrives well with interesting tales behind every commodity.

10 reasons to choose African print dresses this summer

1) You may have unique and great quality products

When you compare African print products you find that they are high-quality fashion products. The nature of African products is such that they can be manufactured in limited amount and not more than that.

2) Support for home-based African industries and making employment opportunities

African print dresses have helped well in the growth of local clothing industries and have created many opportunities for employment. It has given rise to tailor shops, fabric dyers, fabric printers as well as weavers. All these arrangements have left a positive effect on education and learning industry, finance and healthcare amenities.

3) Encouragement of African fashion designs

Many fashion designers have contacted us because they wanted to know about African design as well as cloth stocks. If you face a global demand then you can fulfill it by hiring more fashion designers. In this way, you can provide them with opportunities to show their talents.

4) Keep others optimistic

With African clothing and fashion trend, you can keep people think in an optimistic way. In this way, you can make do the right thing and avoid wastage of time.

5) Interfering in new fashion trends

If you investigate in new fashion trends then you can know which kind of clothing in Africa could suit the best for you. If you grow such an industry then it can assume the form of a charity industry that can help downtrodden masses of Africa financially.

6) Make a great difference in your fashion trends

I came across a very expert Italian fashion designer he was from the main clothing stream. He made a combination of African and Italian fashion design. Yet he preferred African printouts that made a great difference. Many people in Africa ask us where the brands of local designers of African fashion are. Let us nourish and support them.

7) Keep on avoiding stereotype clothing

We can create clothing industry that is based on our ethics prevailing in the fashion market. We can also wait for the commencement of any kind of Multinational Corporation to work in its own way. Today many international fashion enterprises are planning to invest their money in African clothing industry. They have pure intentions.

8) Competition on the international level

If you follow the policy of product quality assurance then you can also assure customers of excellent services and reasonable price offers. All products can be delivered on the international level with the feeling of fair business and commercial competition.

9) African fashion dresses are cool

Yeah! African print dresses are too cool. They are superior to other clothing in a different way.

10) Affordable price range makes a great difference

Most buyers on the international level love wearing African print dresses in summer because they are available in the market at affordable price ranging. This makes a great difference.


African print dresses define African clothing and fashion in a different way. The best way to make your dresses get sold is to add labels on them to display the price range. Labels can be created on the dresses in a very easy way. You may find more things that may prove more beneficial for consumers.

However when we talk about African cloth industry then it is essential to talk about sources of capital that will be invested in African fashion. It is amazing to know that Africa is a unique continent with 55 countries that have made great progress in fashion and clothing industry. These clothing depict the art and culture of Africa as well as traditions.

Any Safari traveler would get enchanted with the fashion of African clothing. As concerning how to promote African fashion globally, the internet can help you well. You can create clothing websites and sell clothes online. You can promote your African fashion products on social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, and Flickr to enhance their popularity.

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