Top 10 African Print Dresses For Your Body Type

African Print Dresses
  •   Jan 27, 2018
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Most African traditional dress is mainly brightly colored and excellently designed by the usage of some cotton and printed fabrics. Cotton is regarded as one of the durable fabric which lasts for a longer time span even if it is used on a daily basis. It is best suited for the tropical climate and so most of the African print dress is made of cotton.

However, you cannot ignore the fact that accessorizing these African dresses can turn them from a simple dress to another Fab level! We have listed for you 10 different Print Dresses for different body types. We hope these will be of great help as you shop online for your next African print dresses.

1.    Classy colors – Nowadays the latest trend is all about vibrant colors like the safety orange, fuchsia, royal blue and grass green. You may be afraid of these colors at first colors, so if you are new and want to play it safe,  you can pick colorful but simple prints or with less designs. As you get more comfortable you can experiment with bolder colors and can even add simple accessories to get that extra pop. 

2.    Use of creative strokes and floral prints – Popular prints mainly using the graphics and pattern punch are used in a wider perspective. Even dresses, blazers, skirt comes in all the sizes of floral prints.

These floral ideas have dominated the market due to the romantic season from the medium to the larger prints. While African print dresses are very popular now and can be seen worn more often than prior, one just need to be mindful of purses and shoes to pair it with. Solid colored shoes and purses work best to avoid clashing with the already bold prints.

3.    Dependency on the season – The Springtime is the most favorable time when dresses are most popular and fun to wear. The most popular dress which is adorned the most is the sheath one or the shirt dress.

These dresses can be worn from work to night out with the girls. The shirt dress can be very   flattery to most of the body types. But yet these dresses can also be worn in a professional environment and will at the same time convey a professional attitude when worn in workplaces.

4.    Classy trench – You will be amazed to know that when you open your wardrobe you will find a few classy coats. One of the latest twists that have been found in the dresses is the use of brighter and bold colors, light fabrics which give a remarkable look when it is used with trousers. It can even be paired with jeans along with boots to look stylish.

5.    African jackets – The use of safari wears have always been a timeless trend which is used favorably almost in every season. From the past 90s, we have seen that the safari jackets of Africa, shirt dresses made up of khaki and the safari pants mainly the velvet paints are being used.

The great prints of animal mainly the giraffe and leopard are even considered to be trendy. When such type of dresses is used up with accessories made up of wood along with some wooden soles strapped sandals, it even gives a better look from the heat to the toe.

6.    High waisted pant – Since we are more familiar to use the low rising paints it has been really tough to get to the trend of wearing the high waisted pants. However, this trend may not last for a longer period and it can be witnessed that some dramatic changes can come in the future.

It can even be compared with the sailor pants being used. Even anybody has got a defined waistline then it can be used by such people in order to how the well-balanced waist area.

It even helps to show the womanly curvy look. It even gives a slimmer look and so it is even used by skipping the traditional low waisted trousers.

7.    Global look – It is often witnessed that the designer travels around the world to find something different and unique. They even discover some of the new patterns, accessories, shape which can be used as an additional touch for their dressing designs.

Many people are inspired by the traditional embroidery work or the prints influenced by Mali. When the points come to jeweler we see that the tribal stones, necklaces and the natural wood pieces are being used by the people. These helps to give a global look when imparted with some of the other items of wardrobe.

8.    Proper foot wears – It is often seen that some of the past architectural facts revealing heels of bold colors are being used by the people. These help to give a natural look when worn with some simple skirt or dresses. Even if you try for some colorful footwear it should be elegant and simple.

9.    Golden touchup – Metallic items are always preferred by women department whether its gold, silver or platinum. However, the metallic gold shades are commonly seen in almost every wear.

This color not only gives a warmer look but even adds a royal feeling to the other clothing of your wardrobe. When it is used with some different neutral colors it gives a more attractive look.

10.    Cuffs and bangles – When you get to the final touchup we about the cuff in have done some research on the bracelet category. When you stack your arm with some of the funky bangles that are available in the different sizes and shapes in the market, it adds a different look to your dress. However, if it is used for a workplace then you need to make sure that you do not over over-do oy it and give a over jingle looks.

Hence, you need to find the most eye-catchy African print dress which grabs the attention of most of the people.  You should also be careful with the correct accessories you are going to match with the dress as the wrong ones can take away from your Fab dress; In order to be on a safer side, you need to put accessories as little as possible.

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