Top 10 African Fashion Trends To Follow This Summer 2018

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  •   Sep 14, 2018
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Season of warm coats, jackets, stockings, and scarves have really protected us in the winters but now it’s time to embrace the summer. Let’s get ready to welcome summer and the trends that come with it. The most exciting part of summer is that fashion trends have only one rule and that is making your own rules. You can be extremely playful about your styles in summer. Be ready to welcome the African fashion trends this summer.

Here are the top 10 African Fashion trends for summer 2018:

1) Kimono dresses

Kimono dresses are originated in Japan and have various styles for draping it. There are several types of kimonos available ranging from cotton kimonos to silk kimonos or the plain kimonos to embroidered ones.

Kimonos are going to be a hit this year for African fashion. The best part about kimono dresses is that you can slay them with jeans, shorts or just a simple dress and a belt and then you are good to go. Kimonos add an immediate dress effect into a simple outfit. With very little efforts you can turn heads and slay with kimono dresses.

Another thing which you should keep in mind while choosing a kimono dress is that you choose a right fit for you, not too baggy and not too body hugging; just a right fit is all you need to do.

2) Floral print lace works

This time designers are thought of breaking a stereotype related to laces. There is a stereotype that laces are just for brides or evening wear, but as lace is a light material, if incorporated well can work for all seasons. This season designers chose to incorporate laces in our daily wears. You will look effortless in this timeless lace trends.

3) Different types of off-shoulders

Off-shoulders are never going to get outdated. In fact, off-shoulders will be seen a lot on the market. Just the difference is that off-shoulders are not just a simple off-shoulder anymore. There will be diversity in the type of off-shoulders that are going to be there in the market.

Off-shoulders well give comfortable feel in these summers. You don’t need much effort to put on these off-shoulder tops and dresses, all you need to do is just flaunting that flawless arms and slay.

4) Classic all white

White is always the ideal color for summers. Whether you are going to the beach, lunch with your girls, or just shopping. All white combination can never go wrong when styled properly. This season as well all white fashion is not going anywhere. For daytime, you can style your pretty white dress with minimal makeup and jewelry and you will look effortlessly beautiful and subtle. If you are going on a date, white can work there as well; you just need a white dress and red lipstick. One can never go wrong with all white combinations. It’s a classic fashion trend which will never get out of fashion.

5) Bright colors are on the way

Apart from white, bright colors are also going to be a hit this summer. Be ready to welcome a color confident season this summer. This summer season African fashion trends focus on showing some playful spirits and colors. This is going to be a season for exploration.

You can go wild with your styles and explore them. Styling these bright clothes can be a little tricky but once you ace this trick, you will become unstoppable. Bright colored clothes will help you to enjoy this summer with the playfulness of the colors; it will create a positive energy in you as well.

6) Prints on Prints or Print Clashes

The next big thing this summer is going to be print clashes or print on print. Prints are never out of the ramps. But with styling prints, people generally go for solids.  But this season, designers are styling prints with prints. It is believed that styling prints with another print are going recreate a new thing in the market.

Fashionistas are also following this print clashes, they too believe that this trend is an experimental trend, and it can create some really bold statement outfits. Styling prints with solids are so basic; this summer African fashion is going to be bold. Styling crop tops, peplum tops, and even blazers can look really impactful when styled with printed trousers or skirts.

7) Floral patterns

List of summer trends is incomplete without floral prints on their list. Floral patterns are never going to be out of fashion, they give that fresh look and feel, and in the heat of summer, a floral print can make you feel breezy. If you are willing to get a girly look today, then just grab that sweet floral top from your wardrobe, and you are done. One can never go wrong with floral patterns. This look can allow you to be playful and creative.

Styling floral is easy, you don’t need to be head to toe in floral if you want to add floral touch into your work outfit just take a printed clutch or a may be a printed pump and that’s it. For an edgy look, you can wear a floral dress with a denim jacket. It’s easy to style a floral for a feminine yet edgy look.

8) Statement sleeves

Statement sleeves are grabbing the entire spotlight this season. You just can’t afford to miss this trend. The look achieved is chic, sophisticated, girly and elegant. You need to make space in your wardrobe to welcome attention-grabbing sleeves like bell sleeves, long ruffle sleeves, and bishop to balloon sleeves.

Statement sleeves can add an oomph factor into a basic dress. It will be more playful and creative. Statement sleeves also represent the joyful nature of the summers. Styling is simple, you need to keep your look minimal and let your sleeves do the talking.

Statement sleeves can work best for the persons who are not a fan of bright color clothes. As keeping simple is the key to flaunt statement sleeves. Pick colors like black, white, and hues and keep it simple. Your attention loving sleeves will add all the factors to your look.

9) Denim

Is it really required to mention denim? The trend for denim is going to last forever here. The love for denim can never fade away. Denim always makes way to this list and will remain here for eternity. Through the years, only change which is seen to this timeless trend is the change of shapes and cuts.

Denim shorts are always a savior in this heat. Denim jackets and jeans are also in trend this season. It is for every season and suits best for all. This season denim jackets can be easily styled and you will be ready to slay.

10) Last but not the least, Accessories

To complete your summer look you will need some right jewelry pieces for you. This season is about trying and exploring new things. You can add jewelry to unexpected places like in a body coon dress and can become a style statement. Jewelry is something which is done according to your taste and style. You can wear jewelry according to your style statement. There is just one rule, which is no rule.

Summer is a happy season to explore. This season African fashion is having something for all, bright colors, print clashes, some everlasting trends like denim and all whites. Trends this season is going to be bold and creative. You just have to be creative with your look and keeping in mind some basic rules and you are ready to make heads turn. 

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