These Ankara Styles Dresses That Will Trend This Season

Ankara Styles Dresses
  •   Jul 31, 2018
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Women in Africa and Nigeria love to wear Ankara style dresses. The dress is available in a wide range of colors and styles. New designs of this dress are being continuously made by the designers and dressmakers so it is very popular. Ankara dress is a street fashion in Africa and you will find women wearing the dress everywhere you go.

The dress gives you a calm, confident, and conservative look. Young girls wear the dress and look trendy, stylish, chic, modern, and elegant. Consider adding the African Ankara dresses to your wardrobe. Choose dresses that have lace, floral prints, frills, geometric pattern, and ruffles. Let’s discuss some of the top Ankara style dresses that will trend this season.

Ankara Gowns

Gowns are comfortable to wear and Ankara gowns will be suitable for slim as well as slightly plump women. The gown is available in many styles and you can choose the best one that you like. The straight Ankara gowns have a length up to below the knee level. It has a straight cut.

Pair the gown with a skinny trouser with a classic design and style. You could also wear a flared gown. There are Ankara gowns with a high waist. Women also like to wear asymmetric gowns that have a shorter front and a longer back portion. Short length Ankara gowns will also be popular. Such gowns have a cape.  

Ankara Skirt And Tops

Ankara skirt is one of the best options as a work dress that you can wear to the office. Buy a Vlisco wax print skirt with a length up to the knees. The waist is high. Wear the skirt with a white cotton top that has a collar with Rhinestone design on it. Carry a pink handbag with you. Pair it with golden and silver cuffs. Pairing the skirt with a peplum blouse is a good idea.

You could choose the floor-length flared Ankara skirts that have a long and narrow cut. The latest trend is to wear tops that have open shoulders. You could choose the blouses with cutouts at the back. Blouses with lace are good for wearing on festive occasions and parties. Ankara style pencil skirt will be always in demand among women. Flared Ankara skirts are also popular.

Suit Dresses

Another option for an office wear is the suit style African Ankara dresses. It is an ideal dress for women executive who works in a company or office. The length of the dress is below the knees. The Ankara suit is exuberant and dynamic with so many shades of different colors on it.

Belted Ankara Dress

A belted Ankara dress will look great on women especially those who are slim. Choose a knee-length Ankara dress and tie the belt at the waist. Leather belts are a good choice. You can also use suede leather belts with the dress.

Open Back Ankara Dress

Open back Ankara dress is popular in women especially those who are plump. The dress puts the emphasis on the upper body. The tail of the dress has waves so it looks very good. It takes the attention away from the body and hides the fat.

Ankara Safari Dress

Wearing an Ankara safari dress made with a fabric that has Vlisco wax print will be a good idea. It is a safari like a shirt dress that looks very nice. Tie the belt at the waist in the front side. There is a collar in the dress. Fix a brooch for clasping the collar. Wear suede platform pumps with this dress.

Ankara Jackets

Ankara jackets are in high demand among the women in Africa. Bright colored jackets worn with ornaments give a stylish look. Classic jackets have a single or multiple buttons. Some jackets have a tie-up as a fastening instead of having buttons. Pair the jacket with jeans or trousers and a monochrome top.

Buy jackets that are fitted. You could also get semi-fitted jackets for yourself. The length of the jacket is up to the mid-thigh level. Below waist jackets are also liked. Jackets that have stand collar look trendy. Also, the turn-down collar looks great. You can buy the peplum style jackets that look so nice.

Flared Shorts

Flared shorts are the latest style of Ankara dresses that women love. It is the first choice of young girls. The shorts have a flare at the bottom that gives a very beautiful look to it. You can also wear flared trousers for a change. The flared trousers look like bell bottoms and it gives a very nice look.

Full Ankara Style Dress

If you are tall and slim, you can wear the full Ankara style dress. It is a tight dress with a length below the knees. The dress looks nice when worn with necklaces and bungles. It shows the best features of your body. You can also buy long dresses that sweep the floor.

The flowing dresses are good for wearing for the beach and workplace. It is a comfortable dress and you will feel confident when you wear it. The long flowing dresses suit the tall and slim women.

Ankara Style Evening Dresses

Ankara style evening dresses are the best for wearing for parties and social events in the evenings. Evening dresses decorated with lace look nice. Some dresses have beautiful inserts. Women also like to wear evening dresses decorated with Rhinestones.

Bell Sleeve Ankara Dresses

Bell sleeve African Ankara dresses are a craze among young girls and women. The dress has bell-shaped sleeves. Some dresses have two layers of bells instead of just one. Choose a dress of knee length and V-neck in the upper front. Tie a belt in the waist.

Ankara Trousers

Ankara trousers look very exquisite and special. It is available in a rich variety with so many designs and styles to choose from. Pencil tight Ankara trousers look stylish and it is the first choice of girls and women who have thin legs and a well-shaped body.

The length of the trousers is below the knees. Pair the trousers with high heeled sandals or shoes. You can also buy the loose Ankara style trousers. The trouser has a length up to the ankles. Wear this trouser if you like loose and comfortable clothes.

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