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African Lace Fabric
  •   Aug 16, 2018
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What else could be more beautiful than an amazing African lace fabric? This cloth material is actually a specialty of Africa. The ethereal and mesmerizing look that the attires made from these fabrics give is so good that it makes the heads turn, no matter what the occasion is. These laced fabrics are available in a plethora of colors and designs. Either you can buy the ready-made apparels or you can get the desired dress stitched out of these. Both options are possible as there are many tailoring platforms in Africa.

Everything in the realm of African Lace Fabric seems pretty good. The only challenge is taking care of this delicate cloth material. It is not very easy to keep these clothes with all safety. The pest attacks can destroy your apparel made of this cloth within seconds. In addition to this, this cloth is so delicately thin that even if they touch any slightest pointed thing, they get torn easily. One has to provide special care in keeping and especially cleaning this fabric. In this piece of write0up, we will be talking about everything related to washing of African lace fabric. Read ahead.

Some of the tips are given below:

1) Prefer Hand-Wash

Each and every advertisement of washing machines on our televisions claims itself to clean all type of cloth materials with proper care. This is one of the biggest misstatements that people believe and end-up washing their laces using washing machines which ruins the fabric. Taking care of your laces always involves a very light and subtle washing and that is only possible by hand-washing.

This is because one can handle the fabric as delicately as needed which washing machines are unable to do. Even the least degree of pressure from washing machines can take a toll on your laced dresses.

2) Always Use Fabric Conditioner After Washing

Laces are so dainty that even when they come in contact with hard water, they lose some of their softness. So taking care of your laces or African lace fabric involves using fabric conditioner. The fabric conditioner is necessary because it maintains the softness in the cloth which decreases every time when laced-cloths are washed. No matter how subtle you are when you were there, they do lose some of their sloppy touches each time they are subjected to washing.

3) Use Cool Water

Water is the component which decides how long you African lace fabric can last. The quality of water is an important factor while you wash your clothes. First and foremost, make sure that the water which you are using is not hard. This will help to keep the sloppy touch of your laced-fabric intact. The second thing that matters most is the temperature of the water.

Most of us think that using lukewarm water for washing is a better way when it comes to taking care of laces. Wrong! The warm water contributes in only degrading the quality of the laced-clothes. This is hard to believe people relate the nourishment and comfort with warm water but in case of fabrics, it just takes the softness of a cloth away.

It is advised that the water which one is using for washing the laced clothes should actually be cooler than the normal water. Cold water does not contribute n any sort of harshness and contributes to the care of the cloth.

4) Never Use Any Fabric Bleach

Fabric bleach is another agent that can ruin your African lace fabric. These bleaching agents can be used for other fabrics like cotton and synthetic but they just do not support the laced fabric. Bleaching agents present in the market use chemicals that are just not suitable with the delicate cloth materials like laces.

On top of it, even the ones which are specially designed for laced fabrics are also not suitable completely for taking care of the laces. So if your laces are losing shine, take them to laundry instead of trying solutions like using fabric bleach.

5) Use Subtle Detergent

Choosing the detergent which is least harsh is one of the common and also necessary things that one should do while washing the laced clothes. In fact, it is recommended that one can even use mild shampoo for this purpose. Mild shampoos do not have the contents which the hard detergents posses. This will ensure that the quality of your African laced fabric remains intact.

6) Do Not Dry In Harsh Sunlight or Even Dryers

Drying methods are also very important when it comes to taking care of the laces. Machine driers are very hard and they can even tear your delicate laced fabrics. To avoid this, you should keep your laced clothes for drying either in the shaded area or under the fan. Never ever place them under the direct sunlight for drying. This weakens the woven threads of the delicate lace fabric and the clothes automatically tears.

7) Stain Removing Tips

When it comes to stains, the most natural and safest way of removing stains from your laced fabric is to use. Just add drops of squeezed lemon on the required area and leave in for thirty minutes. The stain will lighten. The thing to remember here does not use any chemical methods to remove the stain from the clothes. This can only degrade your laced fabric.

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