How To Use Shea Butter DIY Natural Body Care

Shea Butter Body Care
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Shea butter is made from the shea tree. It is extracted from the Shea nut. The butter is also edible and is used for chocolate making and other food recipes. Apart from having use in the food space, shea butter has many skin benefits as well. African natural Shea butter is popular on the very large scale due to the advantages it provides to the skin.

African women have many home remedies and DIY methods that they apply (with Shea butter) to make their skin healthy and shiny. Today, many cosmetic companies are also using the sea butter extracts in their products for making skin benefit products,

Here are some use of Shea butter stuff for body care with DIY methods. We have briefed some of them just for you. Read on.

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1) As A Foot Crème

If you have a cracked skin on your foot and are tired of trying a hundred remedies, then we have exactly what you are searching for. This DIY method will heal your foot and will smoothen it to the top extent.

You just have to take two tablespoons of olive oil and half spoon of Shea butter. Mix both of these ingredients thoroughly and leave them for 30 minutes. Apply this mixture at your foot before going to bed on a daily basis. Within seven days you will see the result.

2) Treating Acne

Acne and eczema are one of the common skin problems that women suffer. The problem increases to the optimum level in dry seasons. Here is a great way of treating this trouble. Grind the calendula herb to the fine particle form in a mixer. Now take Shea butter (refined) and prepare a mixture with calendula.

The quantity of Shea butter should be half as that of calendula. Mix thoroughly. Keep the mixture in a bowl and cover it with a cloth. Leave it for 3 hours in a cool place. After that, you can apply it to your face for thirty minutes. This will reduce your acne and will also heal blemishes as well.

3) An Anti Aging Formula

African natural Shea Butter is an awesome ingredient which has a plethora of antioxidant qualities. It makes the skin healthy and therefore the wrinkles stay at bay from appearing for a really long time. For preparing a mask to keep the aging signs away, you need a fresh orange peel, lavender oil and of course Shea butter. Grind the orange peel using a brick on a solid platform.

Orange peels do not get properly grind I the mixers, this is why here we are suggesting this raw method of grinding. Once you do it, take one and a half tablespoon of shea butter and two spoons of the ground peel. Make a mixture. Now add 2-3 drops of lavender oil and a little bit of water.

Since we are making a mask, the water added should only be enough to make your mask stay on your skin. You can keep this face mask for 15 minutes on your face. Do it twice a week. This will take away the dirt from your face and will also keep the wrinkles away.

4) For Lightening Scars

Scars can really leave the face unhappy for a really long time. If you want to remove the scar permanently, or make it at least lighter, then African natural Shea Butter is the solution for you.

Massage the area where you have a scar slowly with Shea butter and olive oil. You need to do it daily just before you go to bed. Within two weeks you will feel the marks vanishing. The effect is gradual but is surely effective.

5) For Rejuvenating Skin

Now you do not have to struggle with your dry and dull skin anymore. Here is a tip to make your skin super smooth and full of life. The method is really easy. Just massage your skin with a mixture of Shea butter and banana in round motions.

You can do it daily or can do it on alternate days. For making the mixture, just mash the raw banana and shea butter together. As soon as you get the smooth blend, start massaging. Your skin will show the difference from the first day itself.

6) For Dry Lips

People living in dry areas struggle hard to cure the problem of dry lips. African natural Shea Butter is a boon for this trouble. In Africa, some women directly apply the shea butter on their lips to make it smooth and hydrated. However, this could be little inconvenient for others. Take two tablespoons of beeswax, shea butter, coconut oil and boil all these ingredients in an open container and stir constantly.

Keep boiling for 10 to 15 minutes. After this, put off the heat and add the peppermint essential oil according to your preference ( 20-30 drops are ideal). Mix the ingredients. Leave for a night. You are now ready with a homemade lip balm. This lip balm will not give you a sticky feeling at all. Apply it on your lips and they will never get dry,

7) UV Protection

The Vitamin A present in the Shea butter will shield you from the harmful UV rays of the sun. For this, you need to do little work. You will need beeswax pastilles, Shea butter, coconut oil and zinc oxide powder to prepare your own sunscreen at home. Mix the coconut with Shea butter in a double boiler.

The amount of the aforementioned ingredients should be equal. You can use a simple utensil for boiling the butter and oil together. Once you have boiled them together, leave the blend to come to normal temperature. When the mixture of Shea butter and coconut oil reaches the normal temperature, add beeswax. Again heat till all the ingredients mix.

After this, blend the brew with the hand blender and add 2 tablespoons of zinc powder. Keep on blending until you feel that all the ingredients have mixed thoroughly. Leave it for an hour and your African natural Shea Butter Sunscreen is ready. Store it in a dark and dry place and use it daily. This can be stored for a month once prepared.

You can also incorporate the Shea butter in your diet. This will benefit your skin internally.

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