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African Clothing
  •   Jan 27, 2018
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Africa is not just a country known for its ethnic culture, food, and language but the African fashion also have a lot of tales to say about the country. Clothes speak a lot about an individual, and when it comes in a collective package of the country folks, then the African Fashion has a lot to flaunt about the culture and uniqueness of the continent.

The African fashion is not only for the skinny girls/women but can also flatter the shapes of plus size women. African clothes can bring out your feminism in unique ways draping in timeless pieces that are not just unique but also a perfect definition of the culture of the continent.

When you plan to dress up in formals, then you can always look up to an African pair of dress to give your best portrait at the office. Here is a quick guide to how to add African Fashion to your list of fashion wear for the office.

Follow up the decorum

Every office has its own protocol, and thus there needs to be a certain dress code and pattern that you need to follow in office to be known as the "miss Tip-top “ or “miss sophisticated.” Even if you do not have any specific dress code for your office, you can’t think of pairing a micro mini skirt with a small micro crop top for office.

So the very first thing that you need to take care of is to follow a formal an official dress code for dressing up for your workplace. Dressing up in African fashion has a lot many options that you can follow to adhere to the office dress code.

Don’t go in for sticky dresses

Yes, you may look chic in that tightly fitted dress, but to look both appropriate for the office but still have a sense of fashion you want to be a bit cautious and have the right image in the office.

In addition, as you be spending about eight hours in the office you want to be comfortable. If you don’t have any yet you may one to purchase online some African fashion which has a variety of flared dresses that you can wear to work and they are very comfortable.

Choose amongst formal and business

When you are dressing up for your office in African fashion then first you need to determine whether you are getting ready for a business meeting or an everyday office chore. Once you decide this, you can wear an African business suit or formal wear for your daily office schedule.

The classic and classy effect

If you want to add a classy impact to your dress style, then you can go in for a formal white shirt with a knee-length African Pencil Print Skirt. Adding the African fashion to your office wear collection will definitely set you apart from your co-workers; you will be the next trendsetter and the office Fashionista as African Fashion is here is stay and the trend is just getting started.

Clothes that you can wear to office

Here are a few perfectly tailored African fashion clothing that you can carry as office wear.

African Midis

An African Midi not only gives a professional look but also helps in building a differentiated style statement in office. You can surely add a few midis to your wardrobe to pair it up with high heel footwear and lay an impressive picture wherever you go whether it may be a meeting or any other in-house office chores.

Mix and match fashion

Mix and match fashion is the current trend, though you may require wearing a business suit all day long in your office you can use an African jacket or an African shirt to pair with your business attire.

African Print Maxi Skirt

When you talk about African fashion, then the maxi skirt is considered the black dress of African Fashion. It is a basic essential that every Fashionista should add to their office wardrobe.

You can pair the Printed African Maxi Skirt with a cotton shirt; any color that matches with any one of the prints on the skirt. For the office, always try to pair the African Maxi Skirt with a solid top or shirt.

Floral printed Knee-Length

For summers and bright sunny days, you can plan to wear an African floral printed knee length you. Yellow, orange, sea blue, sea green or a peach colored floral printed skirt are some colors for this summer 2018.

Straight fit legging and top

You can wear a straight fit legging along with an African top for a casual Friday. A yellow or a pink colored top on a black legging can be a perfect casual outfit to end the work week in

Dashiki Top

You can also pair a dashiki top with tailored office pants for non-casual days or even pair the African Dashiki top with jeans for casual work days on Friday.

Flared dress

Another elegant but professional look can be achieved by wearing a batik printed flare dress which looks absolutely fabulous in office.

Appearance matters a lot; it’s not only about looks but the way you carry and present yourself irrespective of the place you may be. Having the right fashionable outfits can enhance your appearance and helps in boosting your confidence.

So you can choose amongst these African tailored dresses to get a complimented look for the office. African fashioned dresses are timeless and you can also explore other African fashion clothing and mix and match. So say ‘hi’ to the African trends and add them to your wardrobe for more options and also to stay trendy

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