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The black history month which starts in February 1st every year is an annual event which all started in America in the early ’90s by Dr. Carter G. Woodson. It is celebrated throughout the United States and their respective embassies across the world including the Gambia in respect of renowned black people and major black history of Africans as well as Africans in the diaspora.
Dr. Woodson whose parents were slaves served as a history tutor at Harvard and throughout these times he has lamented the importance of black history which he said was ignored by history writers. This is according to him shows the social status of the black people as inferior during that time. The Negro history week was lunch in the second week of February the same birthdays of Abraham Lincoln and Fredrick Douglas.
The celebrations grew up popularity as the President Gerald Rudolf Ford declared a holiday which later attracted criticisms by other people because according to other views one race is only given that holiday and the others are left neglected and called racism. The black history month not widely celebrated in Africa because of its original meaning of Afro-American month. But some are spreading awareness throughout African to start the celebrations soon.
This concept has been celebrated in the United States by Malcolm X, Martin Luther, and many other prominent people. This also reflected the repositioning of the African states and their achievements and their pioneers of freedom as well as black consciousness not only in Africa but even those in the diaspora. Speakers from various African and American societies have spoken about why black people should reject injustice and discrimination. It is time when black people should write their own history and present it to the world which will portrait the true story of Africans and the people of color with the use of education.
Black consciousness has been written and spoken by pan Africans for so long but still, there is lack of stable developments, unstable democracy, high poverty index, poor education, poor health system and many more have been a challenge and is still a challenge within the black societies both in Africa and the west.
As highlighted above some people don’t agree to black history as something to be celebrated but there are good reasons why it is worth celebrating and the significance, to also remember their efforts to see that black people have justice, social and political status and freedom.
Honors the great leaders of black societies
 Leaders and heroes like Malcolm X, Marcus Garvey, and Dr. Carter G. Woodson should be honored and remembered for their endless sacrifice and efforts they rendered to their respective black societies as they were icons in paving the way for justice and freedom of the black people. These people have fought for racial equality and deserve to be remembered and be part of the history books because of their heroic achievements which can’t be forgotten for generations to come.  
To appreciate the rights we have gained
It is painful to found out that some African and American students don’t even know their history which will be forgotten in a few generations to come and them to remember and appreciate the great men and women who fought, died and bleed for them and what they are enjoying for generations to come. Without history awareness, we will find it difficult to appreciate the blessings that these great people have fought for.
It will reveal the best of black history
Throughout history, the negative part of African and American culture have been portraits, especially on the media like high poverty rates, high school dropouts, and many others. We are overwhelmed by great sportsmen and women as well as top TV icons who show the best of black people. Yea we are still prone to unfair stereotypes and beliefs that we don’t own but the fight still goes on.  We can’t forget Madam C.J. Walker, Phyllis Wheatley, Miles Davis and Robert Johnson for their respective achievements.
To create awareness  
History in many schools has been written non-black people who often neglect some of the histories that relate to black people. We should have more black people to write our history books and teach it to the students otherwise we will lose the history in a few generations to come. It’s an important event black history month but it doesn’t stop there, that’s true it gives us the opportunity to learn about the past and the people whom we have little awareness. But it goes beyond that.  
Black history is our history
It emphasizes that black history is our history, other histories are all part of our history. This history left a landmark that black history belongs to all of us which is part of our consciousness as human beings. It has drawn attention to not Americans and Africans but all over the world because of its diversity.
Notwithstanding, black history will continue to be celebrated throughout the world as awareness is on the rise and black people are becoming more conscious and are ready to fight for injustice, social and political status.  Remember to comment below and tell us what you think about the black history month in case you have any suggestions or recommendations.



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