Best Ways To Make Chicken With African Seasoning and spices

African Seasoning and spices
  •   Jun 27, 2018
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African seasonings and spices are popular all over the world. The non-veg dishes like fish curry, several varieties of chicken curries and lamb always use them to make your palate sumptuous. It is better to buy the African seasonings from the local areas because only the locals will serve you with the true and quality products.

Chicken recipes get a different and really lip-smacking when you add some of the African seasonings and spices to them. Here are some of the ways in which African seasonings and spices can contribute to your chicken recipe to make it taste better.

1) Smoky Red Rib Factor

An aficionado who loves the things to be ‘chilly’ in some manner should always add Smoky Red Rib to the chicken dishes that he/she prepares. Many African Seasoning and Spices can have different and undoubtedly special taste, but Smoky Red Rib is that seasoning which just cannot be replaced with any other spice or seasoning. You can add this seasoning to make your chicken more smacking than usual.

2) Berbere

Berebere is that African Seasoning which has such an aroma that makes the mouth water. The scent of the seasoning is so strong that adding this will fill your whole house with the smell. Your neighbors may think that you have some special day and a special meal is cooked. Berbere is really spicy. But the taste it gives to the chicken (especially grilled) is worth the spiciness it provides.

Despite being strongly spicy, people love to add it more and more even when ‘spicy’ food is not their favorite. Yes, it is that good. Dredge this amazingly good spice on your grilled chicken and serve your guests with something so delectable that they will end up asking you about the ‘special ingredient’ in your grilled chicken.

3) Bourbon Molasses Rub

Have not you tasted some ‘sweetness’ in chicken recipes infamous hotels? This is the work of Bourbon Molasses Rub. This sweetness does not essentially make your chicken sugary. It actually adds the little peculiar factor to the chicken dish which makes the recipe much more delectable than normal.

You can add a pinch of Bourbon Molasses Rub while you prepare the gravy of the chicken. If you think you added a bit more than you thought, it could even be balanced by adding ginger-garlic paste.

4) Marinating With Smoke Paprika

Marinating your chicken with any spice has always done justice to any chicken recipe as far as its taste is concerned. To make it tastier, marinate your chicken for at least ten hours with smoke paprika. This is one of those spices which can make your simple chicken dish to the one which remains immortal in your taste buds.

When you marinate your chicken with smoke paprika, taste is really enhanced of your chicken dish. African seasoning and spices have always done wonders to the chicken recipes in terms of making it taste better. Smoke Paprika is one of those spices that once you start incorporating in your food, you cannot then eat any of your dishes without it. Leave alone the chicken.

5) African Sea Salt Flakes

Your chicken needs the African Sea Salt. No matter which style of chicken you are cooking, this salt is the most important ingredient. This is because African Seasoning and spices contain little amount of sea salt flakes. This sea salt is the basis of all spices that are the natives of Africa. The awesome quality of this salt is that you can add this even after your chicken is cooked.

There is no need of marinating the chicken with this salt before you prepare your stuff for cooking. Even if you add the salt after your cooking is complete, the quality of the taste will remain intact. This salt goes very well with the roasted chicken or any chicken recipe that is cooked without gravy. Sprinkle it on a roasted chicken and you will get the best African flavor.

6) Plaintain Seasonings

Plantains are used as a substitute for rose water in chicken recipes in many countries. But in Africa, they have a special use. Plantains herbs are used for seasoning with the cinnamon to provide a scent and also a slight sweetness to the chicken dish. This is one of the most loved and preferred chicken seasonings of Africa.

This will make your chicken soft if you marinate it with the using olive oil. In addition to this, you can also sprinkle the seasons when your chicken is cooked. You make a butter chicken, simply roast it, grill it or make a chilly chicken, plantain seasonings always adds to the flavor and never do any mess with the existing taste.

7) Cubeb Berry Powder

Cubeb berry powder is made in a secretive way and this is why this spice provides an exceptionally balanced taste of spiciness and sweetness to the food. Adding it to the chicken curry will take the taste several notches higher.

You can add a pinch of this spice to give a treat to your taste buds. This ingredient can be detected easily if present in the chicken recipe and if you are used to it, then the absence of this ingredient could make your dish taste incomplete. Add it to get that extra taste for your chicken dish.

In addition to this, there are many other seasonings that are originated in Africa. Some of them are long pepper, grains of paradise, lavender powder etc. You can try adding them to your chicken recipes. African seasonings and spices give a special flavor to any recipe of chicken. They make the taste enhanced.

Some of the seasonings are used to add the aroma and the taste both. Such seasonings do the two works together. You can marinate your chicken with the seasonings and spices and then simply bake it in the oven. This is one of the simplest ways you can get the best taste of your seasons in your chicken.

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