Best African Groceries- Your Guide To A Healthier Living And Journey To Weight Loss

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These days, people have become very busy with their daily schedule,l. As a result, most people are not taking good care of their health due to limited time. Due to this more people are suffering from many health issues mainly caused by unhealthy diet and also obesity in on the rise around the world.

Lately, people have started to realize that taking care of their health and protecting their immune system and the body is very important. Therefore, they have resorted to the process of dieting.

There are many diet plans available today. If you can make it visit a proper dietician, then he/ she will suggest a proper diet plan which includes the food items that are suitable for your body structure.

But, according to study and research, it has been found that most of the African foods and African groceries are very much helpful when it comes to weight loss scheme. The process adopted in African seasoning is all quite helpful in many ways. Here is the list of the African groceries and African foods for weight loss:

• Single polished Rice

The one best thing about Brown Rice is that it fills the stomach to a large extent,m very quickly. If you consume a small quantity of Brown Rice, you will fill up very quickly. Such food items are termed as low energy density foods.

These type of foods will give you fewer calories and are more filling to the stomach. Since the Brown Rice is not fully polished, the outer one layer of the rice remains intact. This layer contains a high amount of fiber which is very good for the health and also helps in clearing the body waste.

The Brown Rice contains a high amount of starch in it. Starch is mainly used for increasing the metabolism rates in the body thereby leading to the decrease in the fat content of the body. This is how Brown Rice helps in reduction of weight. Brown Rice is one of the best African groceries for weight loss. According to African seasoning methods, Brown Rice is generally served with Salmon Fish which is another best food for weight loss or some of the other African fish.

• Ship Head (Tapandarr) Fish

Baraccuda Fish

Barracuda is the third-harshest fish in the ocean after Sharks and Whales. The Baaccuda fish is gaining popularity lately with the existence of unique food restaurants opening. The fish has a lot of health benefits including increasing the vitality of men. Increase muscle mass. This fish is eaten by athletes and men who want to have a strong athletic body.

Treating Anxiety Disorder

Baraccuda Fish prevents Anxiety Disorder like fatigue and pain throughout the body, shortness of breath and dizziness. It can also cure this mental illness

according to Other health benefits of Baraccuda Fish includes prevention of Heart disease, diabetes, and regulating metabolism 

Salmon Fish

Salmon Fish is quite common in the African states. Salmon Fish has high contents of protein in it. The catch here is that the body is predicted to burn more calories for the digestion of proteins than what it spends for the digestion of carbohydrates. And on top of all these, proteins are those components which induce less fat in the body and tend to provide the highest amount of energy.

Therefore, at the same time, you will be reducing the intake of fats as well as you will also be using more calories to digest those fats and transport them into the cells of the body. And one of the major catch here is that proteins are hard to synthesize take longer to digest.

In this process, the body will concentrate on synthesizing the proteins and digesting them. Therefore, there are very low chances that you will hungry in this process. This, in fact, reduces the consumption of food, thereby preventing you from overeating. According to the African Seasoning methods, the Salmon fish is seasoned with garlic powder, pepper, and lemon which make a great serving.

Sweet Potatoes


The combination of high fiber, proteins, and high water content helps the person a lot when it comes to dieting factors. There are a lot of advantages of sweet potato. Along with these advantages, sweet potato also comes with a list of reasons for being one of the best foods for dieting.

The high fiber content in sweet potato occupies a large amount of space in the stomach. As a result of this, the stomach will not be able to accommodate any more food and this will thereby prevent the person from overeating and to stay balanced with respect to the intake of food.

Also, the sweet potato is rich in the protein values. The digestion of proteins takes way too longer than most other nutrients and it also requires a large number of calories from the body for digestion.

The proteins also take a huge amount of time to clear the space in the stomach that is they will take a longer time to leave the stomach and the track. This will keep the body busy in digesting the protein and thereby not allowing the person to eat too much and consume a large amount of food. Sweet potato is one of the very few items on the African groceries list for weight loss.


If you are planning to control your weight and stay balanced with the help of eggs, then you are thinking in the right manner. Eggs should on the list of your diet plan for sure. After a lot of research, the studies have finally included that eggs have greatly helped in weight loss.

These are one of the most simple food items that can help you lose weight. The main feature of an egg which helps you lose weight is that eggs come with a lot of nutrients. It has many kinds of vitamins, proteins and well some quantity of carbohydrates.

An egg is like one of those food items which will provide you with most of the nutrients required for your daily living basis. It contains nutrients in large quantities and carbohydrates in low quantities. But, you should be careful enough not to fry the egg or toast it because there is a chance that the nutrients which are sensitive to heat will be lost. It is better if you boil the egg and eat it as a whole rather than frying or toasting it. According to African Seasoning methods, they use garlic and pepper with egg.

Over the times, the African Groceries have greatly helped people with respect to reduction of their weight.

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