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When you think of Africa women, think of beauty and style. The African continent is rich with diverse cultures, traditions, clothing, and people, which makes it unique. The beauty and style of an African woman are not all about her body shape, but the beauty, style, uniqueness, integrity and moral uprightness. The African woman has the options to choose from a wide range of beauty and styles tips without any doubt.Today social media has made us fiddling with our smartphones filters and beauty apps to look more stylish and beautiful but it goes beyond that.

Dress for your body shape

Yes, dress for the sake of your body shape, not the latest trends. It always good to look vogue but what if you buy the latest trends and they don’t fix your style problems comes. Trends come and go with time but the style is something that lasts with time. To be stylish you have to be comfortable in your own skin whether it is or not.

Make an occasional buy

It is worth buying that comfortable pair of African shoes but not easy sometimes to just splash in that money, and go for the quality shoes or leather bag. You don’t have to think twice when making that buy as it will take long before you buy another one. It can be used for general outings too.

When you find your style and stick to it

Find that style you are comfortable with after you have done your trials and found out the one or two that you find yourself feeling at cloud 9 and stick to it. Today we have seen stylish celebrities stick to one or two styles and don’t go for any style that is trendy. If you think leggings and oversized T-shirt is what you feel comfortable with then build your style around it.

Wear black jeans

Black jeans give you relaxation and add modern status to your style. Black jeans tend to look nice and simple compared to blue jeans. Yes, you can definitely substitute to them but black is outstanding when worn. Get those black jeans and feel the difference.

Wear lipsticks

Smiling alone can be much appealing to the eye with a good lipstick. Having a matching lipstick with shiny and white teeth is a moment to remember especially a loved one. It will definitely bring attention to the people around you when you wear the right lipstick with the perfect shade.

Buy a good underwear

Spend good money in that comfortable bra or knickers. Getting the good fitting bra will protect you from double boob form poorly fitting bras. Wearing the right underwear will make your outfit fall over without defects.

Know how to get in and out of a car

This is something every African woman should know more emphasis is put when you wearing skirts or tight dresses. Here is the tip first seat yourself while facing the open door, keep your legs together and swing them before scooting over a bit.  Then when going out keep your legs together and swing them out and grab the car door and stand.

Invest in good accessories

Good accessories can transform your look and make you more feminine. Get those African accessories to combine it with your African outfit and you are right on track. Find a necklace to give your neck the golden shining that will grab people’s attention.

Go for the best fit

When you go shopping find the perfect fit and don’t purchase what you assume will fit you. Don’t wait until you reach home and start to fit in it may be a waste of time and money shopping. Buy clothing that fit and make you feel comfortable and not too tight.

Keep a black dress

We all once in life are choice-less because we got stuck for something to wear especially during the last minute when we are not sure of what outfit will work out. Your black dress will be a lender of last resort and your best friend during this time, it will definitely give you a new look when you pair some African accessories like jewels and heels.

Get an Ankara clutch bag

Get away from achy beck and shoulders and get that African Ankara clutch bag that changing bags all the time. This bag is flexible enough to hold all your items ranging from phones, keys, IPad, handkerchiefs and will serve as security in the crowd or public places.

African women should know that trends and fashion will change with time but there are style rules that will always be. Therefore, explore your imagination and choose your best style or design of African clothing and accessories. Let us know what you think should be added in the above-dealt subject in our comment box below.



















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