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Africa is known for quality and beautiful jewelry by many people. Some of these African jewelry are necklaces, earrings, bracelets and other kinds found and made in the African continent since the beginning of civilization in ancient Egypt. African jewelry is regarded as one of the greatest possessions as its show social and political class even today as celebrities and public figures are seen wearing it on a daily basis or during important events in their respective societies all over Africa. Dating back to history cavitation first began in Africa in present day Egypt therefore it is believed to be the place where people wear jewelry for the first time. They use stones and sometimes wood to carve beautiful jewels which have been worn by royals and other notable people in the society. During this time this people who made these jewels hold respected social class in the communities they live and worked.

In recent times with innovations and technology the African craftsmen has acquired new methods and techniques to make their work easier and have made them to produce one of the finest jewelry found in the world. It was just late in the about a decade ago that what is regarded as the oldest jewelry to be discovered in the African continent was found in south Africa in a place called Blombos which is estimated to be around 75,000 years old. Different materials have been developed to suit different regions in the African continent ranging from gold, silver, bronze, sea shells and beads to produce beautiful African jewelry. This jewelry have classes attached to them as it shows an individual social class.

African jewelry have been honored because of their beauty and the different materials they use in making them. Some of these jewelry are using in making cloths that hold high value in the African society.  Some of these jewels have been used as a means of payment in some African society’s especially African kingdoms as form of barter for example gold, ivory and cowries.

Handmade African Beads has often been complemented and enhanced with other beads like, brilliantly white cowrie. Some of these beads have been used by craftsmen to make beautiful clothing for kings and queens not only in Africa but all around the world. As craftsmen travel to Africa in search of these precious materials to make stunning clothing for their royals and notable people in their societies as they hold high political powers. Some of the beads made in Africa are sometimes melted and shaped to give it the best shape and style which is sometimes tailored to meet the demand of their customers.

Africa have produced one of the best in terms of jewelry as glass beads is really taking center stage in the African fashion industry. Some of these materials used in the making of these beads have been imported from other European countries. Today we have seen companies made beautiful beads with great designs in Africa and some of these jewelry is exported to other countries as the demand for the international markets in growing high.

In West Africa some of the most notable tribes that wear these beads and other jewelry are the Fulani and Soninke as some of these necklaces and earrings are made from gold and silver thereby show their social status and wealth in the societies they live.  During the olden days some royals kept their wealth and other valuable materials inside their jewelry when they travel to long distances while they trade.

African jewelry have been found buried with chiefs and kings in their graves as some people believed that wearing  jewelry will bring good luck and well-being to the one wearing them. 

Throughout history Africa have produce jewelry of the highest standards and quality worn by people to show status as the quality of some jewelry have played an important role in examining the success of an African kingdom but today it is worn not only by royals but people who can afford them as it was regarded by some kingdoms an offense to wear them.










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