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African fashion has seen an increase in its popularity in recent years. The importance of African fashion can show an individual’s social status because of the rich art found in this industry. This status today can determine an individual choice of fashion and style. If you haven’t think this way then you have to change the way you think about fashion. We have seen a lot of African fashion emerging in the African continent in recent times with designers creating great pieces of art. African fashion has moved from traditional to being modernize by the great designers in Africa with the latest trends and styles that are making great hits in the global stage.

With Africa producing one of the finest clothing or fabrics like Ankara, kitenge and leso, no doubt African fashion is taking center stage. African accessories on the other hand are also making the difference alongside hair and skin products with hairstyles, dress pattern and jewelry styles being sold very fast, African fashion have a lot to offer to the world. Let’s look at the head wrap for example its was regarded as an old fashion worn only by women in the past but today it has been modified to fit in the new age almost everyone knows a turban or “autogele” just to name a few and this are rocking the African fashion industry not only in the continent but the world at large. It’s was just in the last decade that Africans know the true value of fashion as a gold mine.

In the past Ankara which is famous in the Nigerian fashion industry, likewise kitenge and leso is known in Tanzania fashion scenes which were in most occasions worn during special ceremonies but today this has changed as designers are creating styles and designs that are appealing and trendy to the available markets. Africans used to give up their amazing Ankara and kitenge for jeans but today it’s the opposite as they used to believed that these fabrics are only for village women as they will make it simple to attend ceremonies and big events I their respective communities but today the perspective  has change. These bold African colors were not valued as the western clothing but today it has change and will continue to change.

The year 2019 have a lot to offer for the African fashion industry as the future is bright as a lover of African fashion. With public figures like Beyoncé started wearing African prints clothing designers all over the world were on red alert with African fashion then a new era was born. This has given rise to modern African creations and collections. Today African prints have taken center stage in the global fashion stage. African fashion has been seen on social media platforms and headline likewise African hairstyles are known and almost everyone is ready to wear textured hair without adding some straightening products. Let’s look at the role YouTube is playing in showing videos of great African hair styles by African women and looking at the products used can be trace to be of African origin.

 The future of African fashion will have a lot in store as modern African fashion is on the rise in the Africa and the world, with the blended of print clothing with clothes, shoes, bags and many more fashion materials. Today the African fashion wear is not only worn by women as in the case in the olden days, therefore men are not left out in paving the way for a bright African fashion industry. This has paved way for top brands like Gucci and other international designers to partner with African fashion designers to produce one of the finest clothing in the industry, this will be a great industry to watch in years to come.

Despite all the trendy fashion around in recent times, African fashion is unique and can bring the best in your wardrobe with the bold colors and patterns to style. Having a lot to choose from the African fashion styles you are not limited to what to wear in your daily life form the most beautiful pieces of African clothing.  Today the Africa is rich in fashion because of the diverse cultures found within the continent, as creativity is rocking in the industry with fashion weeks taking center stage.

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