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With new trends taking center stage in the international scenes and designers all over the world making a difference in their respective continents and countries, African fashion designers are not left out in designing top fashion trends that have been featured in world stages and magazines just to name a few. Today we will look at the African fashion designers to check out in 2019.


She is a Ghanaian female designer who is known for her love for African fabrics as she uses African fabrics to design jerseys and weeding gowns made with African fabric, kente. She have spent most of her time in Ghana with a passion for football, western street fashion, youthfulness and traditional African fabric has made her collection as MyRRH. Her collection has made her gain international recognition and respect by many people.


Lazi yani is a South African designer from the Eastern Cape and have won the 2013 South African fashion week Renault New talent Search.  He was involved in several fashion competitions before winning this award. He further went to study fashion in Port Elizabeth and pattern engineering which made him secured him a two year internship at a recognized fashion brand in Austria in 2011. He also won the spring summer collection in 2013. He has been working with large retail outlets to boost his styles.


The two designers are from Mozambique have achieve great success in sustainable fashion by using recycled materials to create their collections in their label, Mima-te. They believe in uniqueness and comfortable in all their designs. Their fashion label, Mima-te, a Portuguese word for ‘spoil one’s self’ was launched in 2010. The sisters say they chose that name for their label because they want their clients to feel ‘spoilt in the luxury and elegance afforded by their designs. This has made them gain popularity both national and abroad.


Madupe is a Nigerian designer who have a passion for travel as describe as many as a genius in the industry.  As she has created Afroarabia, as she have the mix of African and Arabian style. She first started as a designer in the United States of America as an international designer. She loves costumes that made her travel to the island of Trinidad and Tobago trying to learn carnival costumes and their heritage.  She also travel to the United Arab Emirates studying the Arabian culture and finding collective information in other to boost her Afroarabia collections. This have made her to be the host of the annual event named Runway-Dubai cat walk and has is a successful event held each year in Dubai.


Hana is Holland born Moroccan designer and had studied at the Amsterdam fashion institute were she acquire her talents. She mixed the culture of both Holland and morocco which have made her very passionate about her designs. She traveled to and lived in some Asian countries and the United Arab Emirates as he was inspired to create what is today known as HimmiH label. She is an artist with passion as she love designing dresses which is her hobby. Having that passion for beauty dresses no doubt that she is rocking the industry with her designs and styles.


The Ugandan designer who hold a bachelor of science in biology and started working at Cephalon, a pharmaceutical company before deciding to go for her passion , fashion. She is one who is regarded by many as the one moving Ugandan fashion to the next stage. She created a label called “solome katongole” which specialize in women’s clothing which she describe as ‘comfort and color”.  Her uniqueness in designs and colors to express feelings has made her gain more recognized in the industry. She combine both Ugandan and western styles and made her featured in the Mercedes Benz of buffalo fashion week runway. 


Chakirra is a Namibian fashion designer who has gain great recognition in her country because of her great work. She was the finalist in the festival international de la mode Africaine in 2009, in Niamey, Niger. She was inspired by her rich culture as many of her designs show the “owambo” tribe’s traditional fabric named “ondelela” alongside the Sotho people print fabrics, “shweshwe”. She design great stuff which she describe as sexy. Her inspiration is from the curves of a woman’s body and this had made her very popular in the industry.


Sara is a Kenyan fashion designer and own the label called “sarakaray”, which she describe as elegant, bold and out pf the box clothing. Just her early twenties her designs had been worn my celebrities in her country, Kenya. Her collections have been featured in sarakaray Kenyan runway shows in Nairobi, Kenya, Atlanta, Florida and Baltimore.   


This two are behind projecto mental fashion house in Angola. They believe fashion is a means of exhibiting the true cultural image of Angola to the world. They also believe in opening opportunities for other upcoming Angolan designers in the fashion industry. Fiel who used to worked in the telecom industry before realizing his passion for fashion as he had studied theology and psychology during his early years. Nzinga who was born in Angola but raised in England, while in England he discover his self-expression through fashion. He also studied anthropology and African studies before returning to Angola to showcase his love for fashion. The duo are determine to take Angola to the world with their designs and have worn them international recognition. 


She is a Nigerian designer with the NHN Couture label. She is known for her elegant and decent design. Her belief in simplicity made her choose fabrics that cannot be rejected by African women. According to her she want to bring decency in the church and the society. Her collection is making great achievements in the industry by many Nigerians. She has been featured in international stages because of her great designs.

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