9 Important Tips To Use African Shea Butter On Your Skin

African Shea Butter
  •   May 15, 2018
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The African Shea butter has a very high content of fatty acids and skin-friendly vitamins. It is obtained from the Shea tree nut found in abundance in Africa. There are many skin benefits of African Shea butter. The butter has moisturizing properties, which helps in making the skin soft and smooth.

Using Shea butter reduces and heals skin problems that occur due to cold and sun exposure. It heals rashes, dryness, itching, wounds, cracks, insect bites, and sunburn on the skin. You should use Shea butter for your skin and include it in your skincare routine. It is important to know its uses. The top 9 uses of African natural Shea butter are as follows.

Use It As An Eye Cream

Use African Shea butter to get rid of wrinkles near the eye area. It can also reduce the bags formed below the eyes. Take a mason jar and put Shea butter, coconut oil, and a little amount of beeswax in it. Heat water filled up to a half level in a vessel on the stove.

Add the mason jar to it. Cook on a slow flame for six minutes using the double boiler method till the ingredients melt. Remove the mason jar and cool it. After this, add rosehip oil and geranium essential oil to it. Put in a glass container. Use it as an eye cream. Apply the cream below the eyes and eyebrows before sleeping at night.

Use It As A Moisturizer

Shea butter is a natural moisturizer that heals the dry skin. If you have rough, scaly and cracked skin, applying the butter will hydrate the skin and make it healthy. Apply the Shea butter on dry skin areas and rough patches with a rubbing movement.

The Shea butter is good for nails. Rub it on dry cuticles. Apply the butter on cracked heels also. Use Shea butter foot cream for dry and cracked feet. Cook coconut oil on a slow flame and add Shea butter to it. Melt the ingredients and remove the vessel. Add tea tree oil to it. Apply the cream on cracked feet. Massage the feet gently.  

Use It As A Hand Mask

Many of us have a problem with dry hands. It is possible to reduce the dryness of the skin on the hands by using Shea butter. For this, you need to make a hand mask that makes the hands soft and smooth. Mix Shea butter and lemon juice. Mix well. Add brown sugar to it.

Apply the mixture on your hands. Rub gently to exfoliate the skin. Wash the skin using water and soap. It will help in getting rid of dead skin cells.

After that, rub Shea butter on the hands with a massaging movement. Do this at night. Wear gloves on hands before going to bed. The hands will become soft and moisturized in the morning.

Use It As A Lip Balm

Nourish and moisturize your lips by using Shea butter. It protects the lips from problems like dryness, especially in cold weather. Apply Shea butter on chapped lips for a faster healing. Apply Shea butter to chapped lips and repeat it at frequent intervals throughout the day.

You can also apply the butter on the chapped lips after adding tea tree oil with it. To make the lips beautiful and healthy, apply Shea butter on the lips before you use a lipstick. It is best to apply the butter ten minutes earlier. The lips become beautiful with Shea butter.

Use It As A Scar Remedy

Shea butter is a good remedy for scars. It contains the high amount of skin-friendly vitamins like Vitamin A & E that reduce the scars by boosting the collagen production in the skin. Apply Shea butter over the scars and massage the skin gently. It is also beneficial to use it for scars after mixing essential oils with it.

Use It For Acne And Eczema

Acne and eczema are common skin problems and Shea butter is useful for healing it. If you have acne, you should first clean the skin by washing the face with water. After that, apply Shea butter on the face over the acne-affected areas on the skin.

Leave it for a few hours. Wash the face after that. If you suffer from eczema, soak your body in a tub filled with water. Wipe the skin and apply Shea butter over eczema-affected areas. The skin will become moisturized and it will heal eczema.

Another way to use Shea butter for eczema is mixing ten drops of lavender oil to 30 ml Shea butter and applying it on affected skin areas. You can also mix frankincense oil with it. Thus, treatment of acne and eczema are the important benefits of African Shea butter.

Use It As A Stretch Marks Cream

Women who have stretch marks due to pregnancy or weight gain can use Shea butter to fade and lighten the ugly marks caused by stretching of the skin. For this, you need to apply Shea butter on affected areas of your skin with stretch marks. Use it on stomach and thighs.

If there are stretch marks anywhere else, rub Shea butter on it. Shea butter contains fat and it helps in increasing collagen production in the skin. This is important for making the skin elastic and reducing the stretch marks. 

Use It As A Sunscreen

Use Shea butter to fight skin problems due to sun exposure. It has natural sunscreen properties and its SPF value is 6. Apply Shea butter on your exposed body parts like face, neck, and hands before you go outdoors. Also, you can apply the Shea butter as the first layer and use a sunscreen along with it for additional protection.

Use It For Anti-Aging Benefits

The African natural Shea butter has anti-aging properties. Use it as a face mask for anti-aging benefits for your skin. Make a face mask by mixing Shea butter with a double amount of honey. Mix well. Add a little amount of tea tree oil to it.

Apply the mask on the face with the help of fingers. Wait for one hour. Wash the face after that and clean the skin. Shea butter reduces lines and wrinkles caused by increasing age.

Use it with essential oils to heal wrinkles. Take 30 ml of Shea butter and add ten drops of sandalwood oil to it. Apply the cream to the skin over the lines and wrinkles.  

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