8 Unbelievable Beauty Benefits Of Real African Black Soap

African Black Soap
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People of West African countries like Ghana have been using the black soap since the olden times for skin care. The recipe of the soap has been given by the older generations to people who make and manufacture it in the present time. It is made from plants, tree barks, oil, and honey.

Plantain skins and Shea tree bark are sundried outdoors along with palm tree leaves and cocoa pods. It is roasted in a kettle and some other ingredients like Shea butter and coconut oil are added to it along with honey and palm oil.

The soap is then cured outdoors in the sun for fourteen days. This is how we get the black soap. The soap is very beneficial for skin and beauty purposes. It is important to know the beauty benefits of the soap so that we can use it for improving our beauty. Following are some beauty benefits of real African black soap.

Heals Skin Dryness And Eczema

Dry skin is a skin problem that affects many people. The black soap helps in moisturizing the skin. It contains ingredients like Shea butter that penetrate into the skin and moisturize it without clogging the pores. Thus, it is a very good remedy for healing dry skin.

The soap repairs the skin damage that occurs due to excessive dryness. The moisturizing properties of the soap reduce irritation and rashes on the skin. It fights problems like eczema and psoriasis. Eczema causes excessive dryness of the skin with redness and itching in the affected skin areas.

The Shea butter and oils in the black soap hydrate the skin, reduce inflammation and soothe the swelling due to eczema. Since it does not contain any artificial chemicals, the soap can be used for healing eczema in a sensitive skin that is prone to irritation. The black also moisturizes the oily skin.  

Cleanses The Skin

The black soap cleanses the skin very well. It is a very good topical cleanser with the lather produced by ingredients like palm oil. The presence of coconut oil also produces lather in the soap.

The ingredients of the soap are antimicrobial in nature and provide an antiseptic protection to the skin. The Shea butter in the soap cleans the skin. The soap has natural moisturizers that stop the removal of natural skin oil.

Exfoliates The Skin 

The vegetative matter in the African black soap helps in exfoliating the skin. The raw and unprocessed soap contains plant and tree bark ingredients that exfoliate the skin very gently for getting rid of debris, dirt, dead skin cells and other impurities.

It is also useful or removing the harmful bacteria from the skin. Thus, exfoliating the skin in a natural way is one of the most important benefits of black soap. It makes your skin glow with a natural beauty and shine.

Evens The Skin Tone

The African black soap helps in making the skin tone even. This fights problems like hyperpigmentation and dark skin. There can be a formation of pigments and dark skin due to sunlight exposure, pimples, and inflammation. This raises the levels of melanin on the skin.

Very high amount of melanin causes under eye dark circles, discoloration of skin and formation of skin spots. The black soap is useful for healing these problems due to hyperpigmentation.

The cocoa pods in the soap helps in controlling melanin production by inhibiting tyrosine enzyme activity that regulates melanin. Thus, the black soap lightens the skin tone and makes it even. It stops the formation of dark spots on the skin due to sunlight exposure.

Protects From Sun Damage

Many types of problems and skin cancer occur due to the UV rays of sunlight. It is also the leading cause of aging of the skin. There can be burning of the skin and tanning due to sunlight exposure. The black soap protects your skin from sun damage as it has natural sunscreen properties.

The soap has antioxidant properties, which helps in fighting sun damage. However, you still need to apply a sunscreen even if you are using the black soap. Use the black soap along with a regular sunscreen for preventing skin damage by sunlight.  

Heals Acne

Acne is a common skin problem for many of us and the black soap is an effective remedy for it. The ingredients like lauric acid, coconut oil, and fatty acids in this soap helps in fighting acne on the skin. Coconut oil contains acid and Vitamin E that makes our skin pH normal.

It also helps in reducing irritation and inflammation in the skin that occurs due to acne. The palm oil contains acids as well as beta-carotene that stop the occurrence of acne breakouts. The fats of the black soap prevent inflammation on the skin and moisturize it. Thus, the black soap is useful for acne healing.

Reduces Lines And Wrinkles

Treatment of lines and wrinkles are the benefits of black soap for aged women. It is possible to reduce wrinkles on the face and skin by using the African black soap. The natural antioxidant properties of the black soap are due to ingredients like plantain peels that contain essential acids as well as quercetin.

The soap has some other ingredients with antioxidant properties like cocoa pods. It has an antioxidant effect due to tannins and catechins present in it. Also, there are phenolics and other ingredients that help in fighting the skin damage occurring due to free radicals. This protects the skin from the effect of aging and heals fine lines and wrinkles on the skin that occurs due to increasing age. 

Heals Scars

The real African black soap is very effective for reducing scars on the skin. It fades and lightens the scars caused by acne. The soap reduces irritation and inflammation in the acne scars. The Shea butter in the soap has moisturizing properties, which hydrates the skin and boosts collagen production.

The skin becomes more elastic due to this and it heals the scars. Black soap has ingredients that make the skin light in color. It fades the marks of scars. The scars are also healed by the exfoliating effect of the black soap. The soap helps in getting rid of upper layers of dead skin cells that have the scars. The removal of upper dry skin layers removes the skin with scars. 

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