8 Amazing Beauty Benefits Of African Natural Shea Butter

African Natural Shea Butter
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The Shea butter has a high content of fat extracted from the Shea tree grown in Africa. The tree is also called the karite tree. The fat is light yellow in color. The Shea fruit is crushed and we get the fat after it is boiled well.

Traditional methods are used for making the butter by hands. The people have realized the importance of Shea butter in enhancing the beauty and it has many skin benefits.

It’s an amazing beauty product that can make you look gorgeous. Beauty products and cosmetics are made from the butter. It heals the skin and fights many problems that affect women. It has a hard, solid, and lump like texture. Since it melts easily, it is absorbed into the skin well.

The butter can help in improving the skin condition. It is beneficial to know the beauty benefits of the butter. Following are the 8 amazing beauty benefits of African natural Shea butter.

1) Heals Scars

The appearance of scars makes the skin look ugly. Shea butter has high amounts of vitamins that help in the formation of collagen in the skin, which reduces the scars and heals it.

For healing the scars, massage the butter on the affected skin areas over the scars. Adding essential oils to the butter before applying it also helps a lot. In this way, you can use Shea butter for fighting scars.

2) Reduces Dryness Of Skin

The African natural Shea butter heals the dry skin by hydrating and moisturizing it. The fat and oil present in it has emollient properties, which makes the skin moist and well hydrated.

The butter is a tonic for dehydrated skin that has developed a high amount of roughness and scales in it. If the skin is too much dry, there can be the formation of cracks in it.

Shea butter reduces these problems and makes the skin very soft. Applying it to the limbs makes the skin of these areas supple. Since the butter doesn’t clog the pores, it is an excellent natural moisturizer for dry skin. It also reduces the dryness and cracking in the heels.

Applying it to nails heals the dry cuticles. Rough patches are healed by using the butter. It is a natural remedy for dry skin in winters. Applying Shea butter on elbows and knees helps in reducing dryness of the skin of this area and making it soft.

3) Protects From Sun Damage

You can protect the skin from the damage from sunlight by using Shea butter. The commercial sunblocks sold in the market contain harmful chemicals that damage the skin.

The best and natural alternative of a readymade sunscreen is Shea butter. Use Shea butter that has a good SPF value that guarantees the sun protection of your skin.  

4) Reduces Skin Inflammation

Skin inflammation is a serious problem that affects many people and it may occur due to acne, itching, burns, eczema or psoriasis. The Shea butter treats these problems by reducing the inflammation in the skin.

It has an anti-inflammatory property that helps in fighting skin inflammation and reducing problems that occur due to it. People who suffer from eczema can reduce the skin irritation and inflammation by applying the Shea butter.

It contains nutrients that help in the repair and formation of new skin cells. Mix ten drops of lavender essential oil with 30 ml of Shea butter and apply on skin areas affected by eczema.

5) Heals Acne, Blushes, Spots, Stretch Marks

It is possible to fight the problems of acne, blemishes, and dark spots by using the African natural Shea butter. It contains fatty acids, oleic acid, stearic acid and other sterols that help in are oil soluble and help in healing skin issues like scars, burns, stings, and stretch marks. Stretch marks due to weight gain and pregnancy are reduced by applying Shea butter on affected areas over the marks on the skin.

It is a very good remedy for reducing the peeling of skin due to tanning. Using the Shea butter fights rashes, insect bites, and frostbites. The vitamins in the butter remove the dark spots on the skin making it beautiful and spotless.   

6) Fights Skin Allergy

A large number of women have a problem with skin allergy. The allergens present in the environment and the products we use cause skin irritation leading to symptoms of allergy. Allergy can be due to bacteria also.

Rashes form on the skin and face due to allergy. Shea butter treats skin allergy and heals rashes and other problems resulting from it. It has an anti-irritant effect on the skin.

7) Anti-Aging Properties

The African natural Shea butter can be used by middle-aged and elderly women for anti-aging. The butter has the property to increase collagen production and this helps in making the skin young and elastic.

It contains skin friendly vitamins that make the skin shiny and nourished. Shea butter fights problems due to aging like wrinkles and lines on the face.

When the skin lacks enough collagen, it reduces its elasticity and this leads to the formation of wrinkles. Using Shea butter mixed with sandalwood essential oil helps in fighting wrinkles.

Use ten drops of the oil with 30 ml of Shea butter. Mix it and apply it on the face for a natural anti-wrinkle treatment. Shea butter protects the skin from free radicals responsible for harming the skin. The butter has an antioxidant effect on the skin.

8) Heals The Lips

Using Shea butter on the lips is a natural remedy for dry and cracked lips. The butter absorbs into the lips easily and it makes the skin of this area soft. It moisturizes the lips during winters and cold weather. Since Shea butter has emollient properties, it heals the chapping of lips by moisturizing it.

Make a natural lip balm by cooking Shea butter with beeswax. Add coconut oil and heat these three things on a low flame. Cook it by using the double boiler method. After it melts, put it in a glass bottle and wait till it becomes cold.

Use the mixture as a lip balm for soothing the skin of your lips. Shea butter can be used on the lips in place of the lip-gloss.

If you want to enhance the effect of your lipstick, apply the butter on the lips before using the lipstick at least ten minutes earlier. The lips will become smooth and it will be easy to apply the lipstick. 

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