7 Ways African Black Soap Can Help Your Skin

African Black Soap
  •   Jan 27, 2018
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A healthy skin care regime is of utmost necessity for the healthy and glowing skin. The skincare routine includes cleaning, scrubbing, moisturizing, exfoliating, etc. But the basic care starts with the cleansing step using soap.

Soaps come in the variety of colors, fragrances, shapes, sizes, etc, and are made of the variety of natural ingredients to give your skin the nourishment it seeks.

One kind of soap is the real African black soap. As Africa is home to vegetation and forests, it is much obvious that the products extracted from the land are close to nature. This soap is created especially for females.

The recipe of the soap is kept confidential by the inhabitants of Africa. Its invention from the bark of shea tree, cocoa pods, etc, the variety of oils has proven positive effects on the skin. Here are some ways by which the African black soap assists your skin:

1) Natural Cleansing 

As it is made of palm kernel oil and coconut extracts, it is naturally packed with antimicrobial properties. Shea butter moisturizes the skin and cleans the body without the skin losing useful oils. Its antifungal property deep cleanses the skin and helps in opening the pores, thereby, making it a perfect makeup remover.

Its butter leaves the skin smooth and soft. The fruit content and fatty acids help to lock in the moisture and the skin stays hydrated post-cleansing. Also helps in improving the skin tone, texture, and promotes skin firming.

2) Perfect for all skin types

Whether you have dry skin, or oily, or normal skin, or a combination of any two, the real African black soap work wonders. Its ingredients help in balancing the skin glands to manage the necessary oil secretion for the respective skin types. For dry skin, the soap helps in eliminating skin irritations like redness, rashes, razor bumps, other skin infections, etc and calms skin inflammation.

The soap restores skin from damage. It goes very gentle with extremely sensitive skin types as well. It does not contain any harmful chemicals or artificial colorings but still has the attractive look and lovely scent.

3) Cures Acne

It is the best soap for an acne prone skin. Right from eliminating the dirt, drawing out the residing bacteria, preventing bacteria from growing more, the soap helps to eradicate acne.

With the use of this soap, one can ensure no toxins touching your skin, rather the body starts creating natural oils. It unclogs the pores which promote dirt and bacteria habitat. Also, a proven soap to clear out blackheads and make the skin look clear and blemish free.

4) Treating Scars

If you wish your scars to fade away, then start using the soap regularly. It helps in lightening the skin thereby hiding the scars. Being excellent exfoliates, it removes all dead and flaky skin cells, aiding the skin to rejuvenate and produce fresh cells to improve the blood circulation.

As the scars are lighter and take away only fewer skin layers, the soap is efficient in removing them within very less time. It helps the skin to abandon drier layers, thereby providing the skin its freedom to breathe and absorb necessary nutrients.

5) Skin Healer

An ultimate healer for dry, itchy and flaky patches of psoriasis. Use of harsh body cleansers irritates and damages the skin badly causing rashes and infections. Red palm oil used in the soap reduces itchy eczema symptoms. Soothing the skin swelling and helping the skin get all the natural oil treats makes the soap one of the must-have picks.

The soap is enriched with antioxidants, and essential vitamins A and E which helps with evening skin tone, avoid discoloration, dark spots, etc. The tree barks used in soap making holds healing properties which can heal wounds and cuts too.

6) UV Protector

One of the major enemies of skin is harmful UV rays. Due to sun exposure, the skin draws in UVA which can cause cancer and promote skin aging. On the other hand, UVB stands more harmful as it can lead to skin burning and tanning which in turn again spoils the skin tone and causes skin irritation issues.

The soap is well skilled to deal with hyperpigmentation or other skin wounds which increases melanin production. This soap is a vital savior from liver spots, dark circles on the skin under the eyes, and other patches of skin discoloration.

7) Delays aging

Skin starts aging with time, and this starts even earlier if the skin is exposed to harmful chemicals, toxins, etc. Fine lines and wrinkles identify skin aging. As soap contains tannins, cocoa pods, plantain peels, protocatechuic acid, it is a marvelous combination of antioxidant property.

Warding off free radicals which feed on oxygen from skin cells and leaves them lifeless is what this soap does. It helps to keep premature wrinkles and fine lines far away from your healthy glowing skin. Radical damage is hence taken care off well. The soap thereby possesses immunity to photoaging.

Skin problems call for expensive treatments, frequent visits to dermatologists, and unnecessary worries. The real African black soap is a solution to all, and also helps in maintaining the youthfulness and beauty of the skin.

As the soap is made of melting the natural ingredients out of their raw form, therefore, the skin draws in the most beneficial natural extracts. Dark African soap is the preferred one as it marks that the ingredients have been roasted for a longer duration and its method of preparation is followed naturally.

Before you buy the soap, go for a little research about its make and vendor details. When you start using the soap, use it once a day, then gradually increase the use every few days just to ensure that your skin gets all the required benefits from the soap. Proper usage and storage of the soap need to be given special attention too as it is essential for the soap to retain its goodness.

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