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  •   Jun 12, 2018
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Online grocery stores have become more popular than a few years ago and there are many reasons for this. One of the key reasons is due to online grocery stores. People are becoming busier and shopping online is not just time saver but more convenient. You can sit on your couch while watching TV or even be cooking and order online.


Why would anyone want to run to the shop everytime he/she needs something and waste time in commute? In addition, a lot of African grocery shops are usually located very far away or not even within a travel distance that it becomes a hassle to drive there each time you need to pick up something. Due to this online African Grocery Stores are the very time saver and convenient.


If you live outside Africa and crave your favorite African groceries that are not available at other places, then there is no reason to worry. You just have to shop online for African grocery online and your favorite African goods will be delivered to your doorstep. Moreover, a lot of Non-Africans that lived in Africa before like Peace-corps or others that have lived and work in Africa.


When they come back to the US or Europe usually crave for all those African food and do not know where to find them. With an online African Marketplace, they can find all their favorite African food, ethnic food, and Caribbean food all on one platform. Some of the great African products you can now get online are as follows:

1) African Shea Butter

You know you just cannot go to any regular store and find raw, natural unprocessed Shea butter. The 100% African Shea butter Is very popular on the global level due to its great skin and hair benefits. It makes the skin super smooth and also helps to keep the wrinkles away, treats acne, protects the skin from harmful UV rays and many more advantages are related to this butter.


The original unprocessed Shea butter used to be only found when you traveled to Africa or when family members bring them back. Well gone are those days as you can now find these 100% natural and organic Shea butter at an African Grocery Store Online that sells only authentic African products.

2) Citrus Fruits

Africa is blessed with the climate that is best suited for citrus fruits. The fruits from Africa is exported to many countries. The quality and taste that the African fruits have are really hard to find in fruits grown in other areas.


There are also many fruits which can only be found in Africa like MADD, Ditakh, etc and you can now get these online at an African Grocery online stores. The online stores promise the finest quality and give exactly what you expect.

3) Fish

Africa has a big industry in poultry, meat, and fish. Lots of poultry farms are maintained at the place as people depend on poultry for food. In addition to this, fish like barracuda, Sompart, and Smoked Catfish are also consumed in large amounts. The oceans in Africa supports a lot of fishing and people love this seafood.  The quality of these products is ultimate.


Many people outside of Africa are now getting introduced into these seafood and African Fish that they can cook and now add to their food recipes. Some of the fish are now packaged into Smoke fish patties, dried crayfish, African Fish Fillets. If you do not want to go to the store, order this from an online grocery store from Africa. They will deliver you the fresh item and with a guarantee. The  African grocery store online sells fresh fish for cooking.

4) Special Fruit Beverages

As we mentioned earlier the fruits grow in Africa are of fine quality and great taste. As a result, this has given birth to the juice business in Africa. People have started experimenting and have come up with their own cocktail drinks with the fruit juice. These beverages are very special in summers.


The awesome news is that you can get a chilled fruit beverage of your choice sitting at your home without stepping out in the sun. Some of those juices are not just tasty but very healthy with numerous health benefits. Some of those are the Baobab fruit can be made into juice. There is a fruit called Ditakh which can also be made into a juice from its purée.


The sorrel dried leaves can also be made into a tasty juice. You no longer need a passport to taste all these great fruits, with the click of a button on African grocery stores online you can buy these. You can usually get these delivered after ordering online within 2-3 days.


5) Spices

A wide range of spices is also available at African grocery store online. African spices are famous. They are known for their rich flavor and variety. You can now get a lot of these spices online like the Locust Beans, barbecue spice, Cameroon pepper, Dawa Dawa and many more. Apart from its availability in the local areas, some grocery stores sell the spices in neighboring countries as well.


Online stores offer the guarantee and the safe eatables. The quality is also promised of being of high standards. You can choose as many spices as you want from the online stores as there are endless varieties that an online grocery store offers. Such a huge variety is impossible to find in the conventionally styled shops.


6) Desserts

It may come as a surprise but today lot of African Grocery Stores online have started delivering desserts as well. Some of those desserts are the dengue millet; also known as Chakry/Thiakry. Dengue millet is an organic grain. It is premise and all you do is put some water and put it in the microwave until cooked.


It is eaten with a sour cream mixture (sour cream, milk, sugar). Get the best dessert at the comfort of your home without stepping out by ordering it from an African online store.


7) Condiments 

Some of the online stores now sell premixtures or Instant mixture. where all you need to do is add water and you can get this delicacy as if it’s made by an expert. One example is the Dale’s, Fritters Mix. You can easily make Akara (bean Fritters) or moi moi (bean cake)/Instant Akara or Moi Moi Mixture


One should definitely buy these from the African grocery store online.

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