12 Stunning African Prom Dress Style For Red Carpet

African Prom Dress Style
  •   Jun 26, 2018
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Prom parties are really exciting. Each woman wants to look her best and African Fashion has many options for you women to make yourself stand out from the crowd. If you are searching something different and really head-turner for your prom night, then please read the collection of some styles for your prom party given below.

1) Wax Print

Wax prom dresses look awesome. The wax fabric gives an exact fitting to the body. This is why these dresses are commonly seen in the prom nights. The dress material is soothing and remains cold even in the dry atmosphere. The floral frocks can be made using the wax print fabrics. Go for dark shades like black and brown with golden prints.

2) Mermaid Style

Mermaid-cut African styled prom dresses in long mermaid shapes have today gained fair amount of popularity. These dresses are not famous only for prom nights, but also in marriages and other party functions.

Women give their own touch to these wearables by pairing it with funky jewelry and accessories.  For example, heavy metal jewelry and gem stoned jewelry can be worn with any mermaid-styled gowns.

3) A-Line

A-line prom attires can be seen widely in African Fashion Trend today. This dress gives freedom to women to move freely and groove freely on the dance floor. A-line dresses are straight and are mostly made with stretchable fabrics.

These stretchable fabrics are body hugging and these dresses really flaunt your figure. You can even have A-line knee-length dresses in the stretchable denim fabrics. They look classy and provide an absolute fit.

4) Flower Print

Flower prints are the all-time favorite in the realm of African style prom dresses. From large gowns to short one-piece dresses, each incorporates flower prints. The rose and the daisy orient of flowers are the most popular in this field.

Think of a black-base and medium-sized print of rose on a fabric. You can then get a prom dress made out of this designed material of cloth. These dresses are mainly tight from the waist and have a flowy and loose base. The flowy base helps in the dance movements. You can feel breezy and move easily in such designs of attire,

5) The Net Dress

Net and laces had always had a special attraction. People just love them. The lace and net in combination make a full-fledged outfit for the sexy appeal. You can either have a long prom dress or the mini dress made of a fine net. The lacy belt on the waist adds to the charm of the attire.

The long net dress always provides a feeling of elegance and the short one always oozez the oomph factor. In short, African Fashion has always been inclined to the dresses made of net. And this is absolutely true in the case of African Style Prom Dresses. It is sure that one would leave a number of mouths agape by donning the net race for a prom gathering.

6) The Flowy Georgette Dress

Georgette is one of the favorite dress materials of women of all times. African Fashion is no exception to this likeness of women’s choices in the fashion world. Women wear the palazzos and prom-one-piece costumes made out of this cloth material.

The biggest factor for the likeness of this fabric is that it lets the air pass from it. Therefore, women feel breezy when they sport a dress made of the georgette fabric.

7) The Colorful Blocks

Muti-colored-blocks printed on cotton or any other fabric is the latest addition to the arena of African prom dresses. This looks fresh and new. One may have a variety of fashionable prom dresses made out of this print. The thing that stands out with these prints is that you can wear any type of footwear with them. Be it flat or heels, the block print supports all kinds of footwear.

8) The Patchwork Midi   

Patchwork middies are elegant. They are classy and they bring a feel of royalty. Patchworks mean doing embellishments from attaching the decorating stuff from outside. For example, accessories like decorative flowers, mirror works and many more.

These dresses make you stand out from the crowd. The prom dresses made by doing patchwork can come with your own unique styling and design. These dresses mean you can show the artist in you by giving your own style to them.

9) The Turtleneck

Turtle next is a high style statement. If you follow the trend of African Fashion, then you must have encountered the popularity of turtleneck in the fashion world of Africa. Why not try the turtleneck for your African style prom dresses. Even a plain dress can take the fashion factor many levels up if you get a turtleneck for it.

10) The Slit With Polka Dots

A polka dot dress, with full sleeves and a high slit is just love. No one can deny that the beauty and vogue associated with the slit and the polka dots cannot be brought by any other style. The prom dresses made with high slit exudes the sex appeal in a subtle manner. This means you get the look of being sexy and elegant at the same time.

11) High Neck

Thinking of getting a high neck dress? Go for it without any doubt. Many designers have experimented with high neck pattern in African Style prom dresses and this has been a successful attempt. People love to see it and women love to flaunt it.

12) Frills

Two frills below your torso and you are ready with the signature prom dress. But yes, make sure that the length if your frill dress does not exceed your knees. Moreover, make the length of frilled prom dress at least four figures above the knees. This will give you a beautiful fit and you can flaunt your frills in the prom party.

The above styles have been suggested after a lot of research in the fashion world. Try them and see which one suits you the best.

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