12 Latest African Print Dresses Styles For Ladies In 2019

African Print Dresses
  •   Jan 14, 2019
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In recent times, African fashion has incorporated itself within the mainstream fashion industry. Designers are giving much importance to the African traditional fabric in creating ethnic fashion. Africa has a very old history of textile. There are different types of fabric hand woven by the African people. African print style has a very deep-rooted cultural significance.

They express their culture through their textile. The most common and omnipresent fabric of African origin is Ankara print fabric. Other famous fabrics are Dashiki, Gele, Aso Oke, Kente. The color pattern and the type of African print styles dress represent some specific meaning to the place from where they originate.

With time African print style have developed itself, and successfully find a secure place beside another well-known style. What makes the African style unique? Not only they represent a culture but they are made by the local people, so every dress speaks a story in itself. Today in this article we will be talking about 12 latest African print styles for ladies in 2019. We will start with dresses suitable for different occasions and time of the day. It is important to have your dresses designed to suit a specific situation.

1) Straight dresses

Straight cut dresses can be worn irrespective of any occasion. With proper designing, they are suitable for either formal affairs or informal gatherings. African printed straight dresses are adorned with bright colors and are made with Ankara fabric, the most popular fabric of the designers. Paired up with the right accessories, these styles of dresses compliment the body structure. They are available with different types of sleeves and necklines.

2) Maxi dresses

The long free-flowing gowns are quite popular now a day. This type of outfit can accentuate the height of the woman and can never go wrong. Worn as evening wear or on weddings they add a certain amount of elegance to the overall look. Not only they are quite comfortable to carry on, But Slim waist maxi dresses also compliment the waistline along with the height. The African prints in bold colors add an exotic element to the overall look.

3) Formal Wear

Formal wear is very important for working women. Shirts and trousers or shirt and pencil skirts can be very boring when they are needed to be worn on daily basis. But the authentic African printed formal wears can create an altogether different look. Available in the varied style of prints like patterns or blocks they are a must-have in a woman’s wardrobe.

4) Flared dresses

Short flared dresses are another must have. they are perfect for showcasing the African style of design. As mentioned earlier, Africa has a very old history of textile and weaving. Flare dresses are one of the perfect canvases through which African tradition and culture can be reflected. Designed in flares and the bold and vibrant color fabric can create a lively look.

5) Full sleeves long dresses

Made with Ankara fabric, full sleeve long dresses are designed in African printed patterns. They not only make the look trendy but also save the woman from the morning’s shivering cold weather. This type of dresses along with protection from the cold can create a soothing look which makes it perfect for morning wear.

6) Off shoulder dresses

As the name suggests, this design of dresses doesn’t cover the shoulder which leaves enough space to team up the dress with suitable and matching jewelry. These kinds of dresses are available in different designs for the sleeves. Based on those design they can be worn on multiple occasions.

7) Uneven dresses

The uneven cut of dresses is very popular in every fashionable wear. African fashion style is also no difference. High low dresses are also in trend among them. High low or uneven dresses are designed in such a way that the front part of the dress is located around the knees and the back portion is located close to the ground. Hence it is named. They are also available in different kind of African prints and are perfect wear for women of every shape and size. This outfit can create a fresh look.

8) Summer dresses

The name says it all. These types of dresses are suitable for the summer season they not only are super comfortable but are perfect for day time or afternoon wear. Available in the variety of African prints these summer dresses are a must have for the vacation to some seaside or beach location. Summer dresses are mostly made in bright and radiant color. When worn with perfect accessories like jewelry, purse, and shoes they can give a very different and unique look.

9) Short skirts

African style fashion is incomplete without a short skirt. They are classic at the same time very modern. Perfect for creating a sporty look they are the perfect outfit. A beautifully designed African printed skirt made with the right quality of fabric material can be worn in any afternoon informal gathering.

10) Long dresses

Long dresses differ from maxi dresses and full sleeve long dresses in its shape and design. Unlike maxi dresses, long dresses are mainly worn on special ceremonies and formal gatherings. Whether it is a wedding reception, or dinner parties, or any other corporate events long dresses are one of the best choices of outfit for that special event.

11) Front slit dresses

Front slit dresses mostly long free-flowing dresses with a slit in the front. One of the most popular and fresh styles African style printed front slit dresses are a must-have for any evening functions.

12) African style dresses for plus size women

Unique African style is available for women of every shape and sizes. Different style of clothing is there for plus size women like skirts, maxi dresses, trousers and many more.

These are the few African print styles dresses. There is a wider variety of designs available in African print. Africa has a different culture and those cultures are reflected in the clothes designed by them. The prints, patterns, and designs are thus very unique in itself because they showcase the tradition.

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