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What is Agbada or Kaftan


We will first start by telling you a little bit of the Agbada or Kaftan which originated in West Africa. It is a free-flowing African gown. 


The Agbada or Kaftan is referred to different names in Africa and in some countries, different tribes have different names for it. In Nigeria the Yoruba referred to this African gown as Dagomba, the Housa refers to the African Kaftan as babban Riga.


In Senegal and Gambia, it is referred to as Boubou from the Wolof word mbubb. babban Riga (Hausa), mbubb (Wolof). In Arabic, it is referred to as darra'a Maghrebi Arabic. In a lot of French-speaking countries in West Africa the African clothing gown is referred to grand boubou and in English, it is just gown. 


Different Styles Of Agbada or Kaftan 


The style of the Agbada varies a little bit depending on which country the African Fashion is made from, but in general, the number of pieces is the same. The Agbada or Kaftan used to be very big and comes in 3 pieces; it has a shirt which comes mostly in long sleeves and trousers and then the top garment which is large and roomy is what is worn on top of the shirt and pants.


In Africa, in the olden days, the bigger the Agbada or Kaftan the greater your statue. The men and women will usually keep their Agbada or Kaftan or sometimes which is call Boubou looking large and stiff by adding starch to the fabric when it is washed. It is iron until it shines. Mostly older people were seen wearing the Agbada.


Recently that has changed as the African Women Fashion has seen more Contemporary styles and casual way of wearing the Agbada or women Kaftan. Below we will show you how you can join in this trend to dress in a beautiful African Gown or African Attire using the Agbada or Kaftan styles for your African Women fashion styles


Contemporary ways to wear the Agbada which is an African Women Fashion 2018


You can pair the Agbada with a contemporary hat or throw a Hausa hat for a contemporary but yet a sassy look





Dressy Ways to Wear the Agbada an African Women Fashion


You can dress up your Agbada or African gown by going pantless😊 and throw some high heels with the Shirtless African women Kaftan







Modern Ways to Wear The Agbada an African Women Fashion 





The African Agbada for Women or African Boubou or African Gown can also be made modern but still has that traditional flair to it. As seen below. There are many creative ways to wear this great piece of African Clothing 


Historic Facts or Etiquette on Agbada or Kaftan


You will notice that the Agbada styles or Grandbubu or Kaftan are mostly African above your ankles; this is to keep with Islamic traditions of modest dressing. You will also notice that when some elders wear the Agbada, they will fold the open sleeves of the boubou over one's shoulders, while they are walking or before sitting down.


This is to make sure the gown does not get dirty by touching the floor since the old Agbada styles used to be very long. However with the new modern style Agbada you don’t have to worry about that. Check the link above on where they get the latest style Agbada


Photo Credits: @Glasenlove, Pulse


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