10 Ways To Wear African Print Dresses

African Print Dresses
  •   Feb 21, 2018
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​Africa has a distinct style of fashion and clothing. The dresses are traditional and have special designs and patterns. Ladies garments are made of African fabric that has a specific print on it. The African print dresses are famous all over the world for a stylish and fashionable look.

Women wear dresses of different types having the African prints. This print makes the African fashion so attractive to other people. The African dresses can be worn in many ways using them in different styles. Let’s check out some African print dresses. Following are the 10 ways to wear African print fabric dresses.

African Print Skirts

African print skirts of different types and styles look very beautiful on girls and women. Flared skirt and miniskirts are the first choice of young girls and college going students. The maxi skirts have bold patterns on it and it is a must-have dress.

The skirt has a sash, side pockets and a zipper on the back. The midi skirts have a length up to a level below the knees and the calves. It does not have a lining. The skirt has an elastic waist. The skirts look good when worn with a t-shirt or a buttoned shirt.

African Print Harem Pants

African print harem pants are made of traditional African print fabric and it has a loose fitting. It is an ideal dress for summers and hot weather. Usually, the pants are made of cotton fabric.

The pants have a boho-chic style look and you can wear it with high-heeled shoes or sandals. It makes a great eveningwear dress with an urban style. You can wear the pants for all occasions.

African Print Jumpsuits

Jumpsuits made of African print fabric give a super chic look and have a faux wrap front. The waist has elastic and there is a zipper in the back. The sleeves are long and the dress has side pockets. Usually, the jumpsuit is made of cotton or polyester fabric and it comes with a sash.

African Print Maxi Dress

The African print maxi dress is an ideal dress for special occasions like parties, wedding and other functions. It is a formal dress with a faux wrap neckline. The back of the dress has an invisible zipper. The skirt is pleated and it is an unlined dress.

The side pockets are concealed made to hide within the dress. The maxi dress is made of pure cotton. Some maxi dresses have long sleeves, attached sash and a wrist with elastic gathering.

African Print Kaftan Dress

Women of plus size can choose the African print Kaftan dress. It is made of polyester and meant for plus size women. Wearing it to beach or other places will give a rocking look. It is a stunning dress with a beautiful neckline.

The sleeves are large and wide. The kaftans of geometrical prints and multicolored patterns look very nice. It can be worn for all seasons. The kaftan has a royal look.

African Print Fit And Flare Dresses

Fit and Flare dresses made in African print fabrics make you look beautiful. You can wear the dress for all occasions. The length is up to the level of the knees. The bodice on the upper side of the dress is fitted and lined. It has an elastic waist that stretches.

The skirt of the dress has a flare. The side pockets are hidden. The sleeves are caped. The back part has an exposed zipper. The flared dress is available in multicolor patterns and designs in various colors like red, blue, orange, green and many other colors.

African Print Pencil Dress

The African print pencil dress is a modem African fashion dress for women. It is the best for wearing for work in the office. The pencil dress can also be worn for parties, functions and special occasions. It is fitted midi dress having side pockets.

The dress is made of stretch knit fabric. The back has a scoop design and there is an invisible zipper on it. There is no lining in the midi dress. There is a five-inch vent at the backside. The sleeves are short in length. 

Adisa Print Formal Dress

The Adisa print formal dress has a stunning look. The length is up to the level of the knees. The dress has a strapped design. There are three straps. You can use the straps off-shoulder. Also, you can use the dress with one strap up and two straps downwards.

It is a good dress for cocktail parties. A train can be added to it. The back has an invisible zipper. The dress looks nice with pump shoes and flats. It is available in all sizes like small, medium and extra large. Wear the dress for special events and functions. Women look gorgeous in this dress.

African Print Off Shoulder Dress

African print off-shoulder dress in different colors and patterns make women look very beautiful and stylish. The length is up to the knee level. This modern and trendy dress makes you look chic. It has an off shoulder design on the neckline and shoulders.

There are side pockets situated on the sides. The waist has elastic and so it can be stretched that makes it a comfortable dress to wear. The backside has an invisible zipper that is hidden and not visible.

The dress is made of cotton fabric having an African print. It is the first choice for young girls and fashionistas. The dress is eye-catching and it will surely make heads turn. Wear the dress for any occasion and special functions like parties, social outings, and weddings.

African Zaki Print Button-Up Dress

Zaki African print button-up dress is one of the most stylish African print dresses. It has a loose fitting and a front having a row of buttons that start from the collar and go up to the hem in the center front.

There are hidden pockets that cannot be seen. The sleeves are long. You can fold the sleeves from the center and roll it upwards. It gives a cool and relaxed look with rolled sleeves. The dress doesn’t have a lining. The length is up to the knees.

There is a sash in the button up dress. The dress is made of cotton fabric having beautiful and African prints in multicolored designs and patterns printed on it. It is available in many colors including tan and turquoise colors. The dress looks very nice when worn with sandals or heeled shoes. 

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