10 Fabulous Modern Ways To Accessorize Your African Men Shirts

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  •   Jun 12, 2018
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Shirts are making a big leap in the fashion industry today on a global level. The celebrities and fashion designers are making their own ways to wear the shirts and lately, this has caught the trend in Africa. African shirts for men are being sold in many shades and styles. People are pairing them up with regular pants, sweatpants and even with pajamas.


There is no limit to get your own look to these shirts. In this write-up, we have listed some top trends that have come up today as a style trend for men. Read on and try the look that you like.

1) Add a Stylish Hat

A hat can take your style several notches higher. The only thing to keep in mind here is that you choose the correct color of the hat. If you are normally wearing a light colored shirt, go for a dark-hued hat.


It could be jet black or dark brown. The hat always makes men look taller. Therefore, if you want to add a bit of a height, a hat will give you stylish look and will compensate for your height as well.

2) Subtle Shade

If you are dark skin, wearing a subtle shade of African shirt complements the dark skin and makes men appear really hot. Wearing light pink, green or any other subtle shade works best for African shirts for men. If you are going for a day out with your friends try these styles.

3) Contrast Colored Jacket

This is another way to make yourself stand out from the crowd. The trend of denim jackets just cannot go out of fashion ever. Except for the signature blue, there are many other colors of jackets that are available today. For example faded grey, ash grey and a plethora of others. 


As soon as you don a jacket on your light shade African Shirt, your personality becomes impressive. But remember, to leave the buttons open. Denim jackets are always meant to be open when worn over a shirt.

4) Pocket Squares For ‘A Gentleman Look’

If you are up for a dinner at an elegant surrounding, here is a trick for you. No matter what color of shirt you are wearing, just have a pocket square. Suppose if you are wearing a black shirt, have a dark red pocket square. The pocket square changes the feel of your appearance from normal to impressive. It gives you a more formal look.

5) A Stylish Locket

If you want to project an image which is subtle but with a slightly street look, a jazzy locket will do it for you. There are many chain lockets of metals like copper and silver that are available in the market.


Wear one with African Shirt for men and you will project your image in a different manner. A shirt will make you look sharp and a trendy locket with it will give you a look projecting a sense of belonging to the street fashion.

6) Roll On Your Cufflinks

Men think that rolling on cufflinks only mean saving them from dirt, Well, that notion is wrong, As soon as you roll on your cufflinks, the appearance of your personality changes. It makes a man look more flexible and fit. The good thing is that it does not take away from your formal look. 

7) Adorn With Stones

This is little different but many celebrities are going for this look nowadays. Celebrities are donning African Shirts for men which have lots of embellishments and stones. In fact, stones are one of the most loved embellishments that celebrities are acquiring. Buy an African Shirt For men which have stonework. Pair this shirt with pants or jeans. This look is tailor-made for parties and gatherings.

8) Loose Capri With White Shirt

A Capri with a white shirt is a relaxing and comfortable wear. It is also easy on the eyes. You can wear a denim Capri and a white African embroidery shirt for a casual day out, shopping or even at home. This summer look looks the best when you pair it with the white shoes.

9) Contrasting Colored Bracelet

The other way of giving a different and yet stylish look to your African Shirt for men is to pair it with a thick bracelet. Do not go for metal bracelets here. There are the band bracelets which are made of thick threads.


A myriad number of styles are available in this field. Wear your half shirt with a silver African bracelet and the look of your shirt will give you a special feel. This actually makes a person appear like an intellectual one with some secretive belief.

10) Above Your Tees

Wearing a shirt above your tee is a trend that has been existing for years. You can wear a plain shirt over a  t-shirt for a sporty look. You can nail the look by wearing the same colored snickers as that of your shirt. This gives a nice bonding between your shirt and footwear and keeps the overall appearance in-synch.


There are a lot of other ways you can wear the African shirt to give a fashionable look to yourself. Do not be scared of experimenting. Try multiple ideas and you can take your style to another level.

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